QR code bus validator equipment

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What are we going to talk about today? It is the key words such as “QR code bus validator”, “bus mobile payment device”, “bus card terminal”, etc., do you know why? That is because the city's smart bus is in the midst of a hot upgrade. The market needs to increase the number of bus card charging devices. I don't know whether it is on the Internet or on the ground. In the chat topic, the bus company is in the middle of the chat topic. Mobile payment devices, "bus card terminals" and other topics in this regard.


Shenzhen Cardlan as a manufacturer of bus card machine equipment, of course, the experience in this aspect is still relatively profound, the poem said that "I don't know the true face of the mountain, only becase I’m in this mountain." In the Internet era, the opposite is true. We can change it to "I don't know the true face of the market, just becasew I don't do this business ." We do this in a deep understanding of this line. Only by understanding the market, understanding customers, and understanding the products, can we be full of innovative genes in Shenzhen. On the hot land, stand out, go global, and serve more bus companies.


Shenzhen Cardlan is in such a city full of innovative souls, before it can develop and produce the bus card machine equipment terminal needed by the market, in order to cultivate a keen market trend capture capability, and then survive in a fiercely competitive environment like Shenzhen. Grow up and grow strong. Cardlan’s scanning code bus carding equipment and bus mobile payment equipment have been awarded the Intelligent Terminal Innovation Award by the authoritative organization, China's top 500 quality, China's top 100 scientific and technological innovation SMEs, and successfully landed in the New Third Board in 2017. The power of the capital market has made the team of Cardlan Group go further and further and become more and more determined.


Together, we look forward to Cardlan public transport card-sweeping equipment and public transport mobile payment equipment, which will bring more benefits and convenience to the public and bring more happiness to the citizens.

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