Scan code bus card ticketing system, bus card system

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Bus is an essential means of transportation for ordinary citizens in the town. In order to bring more convenient travel conditions to the citizens, with the support of the goveremnet, the comprehensive development of smart public transport infrastructure, especially the arrival of the mobile Internet era, "Internet + Electronics" The “pay-as-you-go” model has been rapidly developed, and the bus QR code payment has become a common phenomenon. As a bus card system manufacturer. The experience in this area is particularly profound for Cardlan. In the payment of IC card machine products, a large amount of manpower and funds have been invested in research and development, in order to obtain more market share and provide a strong guarantee.


As a editor of Cardlan,  often receive feedback from the passengers that the city can basically achieve the mobile phone WeChat or Alipay scan code payment, and now travel is no longer like the previous one, run a few kilometers to find change, this is more convenient, and it also has a direct and significant effect on urban environmental protection, so everything must be taken alongside the trend, to make products that conform to the laws of nature, to make products that are suitable for users, and to be popular products. Then it is also a good product.


As a bus card payment system, bus all in one card system manufacturer has always attached importance to product innovation and research and development, investing more than 15% of the funds every year, doing basic construction and technological innovation research and development, so in recent years, the company has achieved various aspects of the company. Great progress, especially in the scanning code bus charging system, now fully supports WeChat, Alipay, cloud flash payment, APP, small program and other scanning code payment methods, while the user big data management cloud platform system to support, public transport The company can grasp the user's information in real time, which brings great convenience to the bus company scheduling, reduces the cost for the bus operation, improves the efficiency for the bus operation, promotes the overall rapid transformation and upgrading of the current bus company, and realizes the dream of intelligent bus as soon as possible.

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