QR code charging bus install one in one payment machine

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Update time : 2019-11-08 14:44:00

Bus has always been an important travel tool for people since its inception. It has always played an extremely important role in both the past and now when the private car is everywhere. The bus is very convenient for citizens to travel and the fare is cheap. It is deeply loved by the people.
In order to further facilitate passenger travel, the bus fare collection machines in various places have been fully launched, supporting mobile phone QR code payment. Many new bus fare collection devices can support UnionPay QR code, UnionPay mobile phone quick pass payment, Alipay scan code function and IC card payment. Realize mobile phone QR code payment and ride, no need to use coin, and realize the new convenient bus travel without “no change no card, fast travel”.

Shenzhen Cardlan hope to truly implement the people's livelihood, adhere to the awareness of continuously deepening service for the people, promote the intelligent development of China's public transportation, optimize bus operation lines, and make real-time mobile payment, providing citizens with safer, more comfortable and convenient, Energy-saving and environmentally friendly travel services. It has added a new type of payment method for citizens to travel, and has contributed to the construction of “smart bus” in Chinese society.

The public mobile payment system of Cardlan support the full opening of UnionPay mobile phone quick pass payment, UnionPay QR code, UnionPay IC card payment travel service, to achieve the acceptance of UnionPay mobile payment. UnionPay mobile phone flash payment is based on non-contact technology, and realizes offline contactless payment for mobile devices such as mobile phones. UnionPay QR code payment includes cloud flash payment APP and financial institution mobile banking APP scan code payment; UnionPay IC card mainly uses card number 62 A financial IC card with a flash payment function at the beginning.

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