Foreign trade export infrared thermometer door manufacturer

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Shenzhen Cardlan is a manufacturer of infrared thermometer door for foreign trade. It has been specialized in producing infrared temperature detection device for years. The products are sold in domestic and foreign trade. Current customers are distributed in all over the world, domestic: Shenzhen, Xi'an , Heilongjiang, Beijing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Ningxia, Chengdu etc., foreign trade export customers are mainly distributed in Indonesia, Dubai, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Germany, Sweden etc..

The foreign trade export infrared thermometer door has various certificates, such as CE, FDA. Fully support foreign trade exports with sufficient stocks, shipped within two days, large quantities and more affordable prices, this foreign trade export infrared thermometer door with metal detection, temperature measurement, and data saving functions, temperature measurement within one second, device has passed very strict tests, the performance is very stable.



This foreign trade export infrared thermometer door can be used on campus. There are many students on campus and the students are impatient. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the  infrared thermometer door has sufficient sensitivity to meet the needs of the school.


It can also be installed in hospitals. The hospital has a relatively large flow of people. It can measure the temperature without contact. It can drain some people with high body temperature. For example, obstetrics and gynecology are not allowed. If the body temperature is too high or unrelated personel, it is more suitable to install a door infrared thermometer.

The most important thing is some scenes like subways, where the number of people is very large, and relatively high reaction sensitivity is required. In these scenes, face recognition verification is not necessary, just normal temperature can pass.

Any friends engaged in foreign  trade, especially trading companies, if you do not have your own factory, it is lucky to find us. Cardlan has developed and produced good enough foreign trade product of infrared thermometer door, you work hard to find foreign customers, mutual benefit and win-win for us.

1. Infrared temperature measurement function:

1. Infrared temperature measurement function: Infrared temperature measurement is carried out before passing through the security gate, and the LCD screen displays the real-time temperature measurement.

2. Alarm temperature can be set, configured with super-volume LED alarm horn, volume can be adjusted. When the measured temperature is abnormal, the current temperature will stay for 2-3 seconds, the LED light will flash, and an alarm sound will sound.

3. Configure a temperature measuring probe (probe height 1.5 meters) and the height can be customized.

4. The high-precision temperature measuring probe imported from Belgium is used. It is recommended that the indoor temperature be above 10 degrees, and the temperature measurement accuracy can reach an error of ±0.3 degrees (not installed and used outdoors, and the product design is not rainproof).

5. Display screen: The LCD display shows the number of passing people, the number of abnormal people, the current temperature, and the set temperature.

6. Intelligent design: digital signal, more accurate than analog signal, automatic temperature compensation, no need for manual temperature compensation.

7. Work efficiency: fast response speed, about 40 people per minute

8. Product technology: It is made by special material technology, with luxurious and beautiful appearance, which is more suitable for large-scale high-end places.

2. Metal detection function: (optional function)

1. Detection area: The detection door is divided into six overlapping detection areas according to the basic structure of the human body. The mesh detection method and single frequency excitation technology are used to eliminate weak and blind areas in the detection area, with higher sensitivity and more stable performance .

2. Alarm mode: sound and light alarm, the super bright LED alarm lights on the left and right of the doorpost can accurately display the prohibited objects hidden by the human body at the corresponding height.

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