Office building anti-collision face recognition barrier gate

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Update time : 2020-11-26 14:53:00

Nowadays, with the massive influx of rural population into big cities, China, including core cities and second, third, fourth, and fifth-tier cities is full of commercial housing, public rental housing, affordable housing, etc., spring up like mushrooms. This includes the construction of tens of thousands of high-end office buildings to attract investment. What is even more shocking is that there are various equipment and facilities in the lobby of some high-end office buildings, such as the most high-tech face recognition and temperature measurementbarrier gate for white-collar workers, the overall design is made of corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant high-quality stainless steel material, combined with the dual-channel design of facial recognition and temperature measurement intelligent swing gate that is more in line with people's physical characteristics, and has become a first choice of thousands of businesses.

 The travel speed is as fast as 1 second, support 30 people per minute, which truly solves the crowded scenes during the rush hour. This kind of intelligent temperature measurement gates using the world's leading face recognition algorithm The advantage is that it can be connected to an externally usable LED display. It is suitable for scenes with high population density and strict public security control, such as national exhibition halls or museums, commercial office buildings, major primary and secondary school campuses, construction sites, corporate factory workshops, etc. The face recognition and temperature measurement gate independently developed by Cardlan can be customized and set according to the actual situation of the user. It has a fee deduction system, a ticketing system, a campus system, ID card recognition, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc. up to 12 kinds of functions meets the different needs of customers.

After more than 20 years of professional accumulation, precipitation and unremitting efforts, Cardlan focuses on face recognition and temperature measurement smart terminals, face recognition bus card reader, bus face recognition temperature measurement tolling machines, and intelligent face recognition temperature measurement turnstiles, door-type infrared thermal imaging thermometers, sensory all-in-one card equipment and systems are the first brand enterprise manufacturers in the domestic industry field. If you have any needs, please consult us on the official website. Welcome customers to place orders.

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