bus shuttle face temperature measurement charging terminal

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Update time : 2020-11-13 15:06:00

A year ago, the birth of China's 5G network immediately caused a sensation across the country, and everyone was full of praise. In today's highly developed technology, many people are talking about artificial intelligence, face recognition, human-machine AI interaction, unmanned driving, robots... Now Shenzhen Cardlan is focusing on face detection in the field of face recognition. + Body temperature detection + mobile social networking + cloud service as the core research and development of efficient and intelligent vehicle face recognition thermometer, bus face recognition and temperature measurement intelligent terminal, comprehensive coverage of transportation service industry, manufacturing industry, construction industry, tourism, catering industry And so on, this face recognition body temperature detection technology has the remarkable characteristics of synchronously analyzing the expression, age, identity, body temperature and other information of the person, and then making correct judgments through data screening and comparison, and quickly completing a series of related technical algorithms throughout the process.

Under the wave of development in the new era, Cardlan is ready to enter the new era of industrial intelligence. With every update and iteration of mobile communication technology, almost all industries are destined to usher in new changes. As early as when 5G was launched, Card Union had connected the entire industry chain to form a strong production of just-needed products and opened up new technologies for face recognition and temperature measurement. In the times of the times, everything is ready for the global coverage of 5G networks. One of the most representative of the current promotion of the intelligent development of the economic industry is the multi-scenario application of the terminal products of the bus face recognition thermometer. Cardlan shares only rely on smart cities. The dynamic face recognition intelligent temperature measurement all-in-one machine is a golden horse and iron horse, and its business radiation is concentrated in major livelihood projects in multiple cities in the southwest, southeast, and east China regions, and large-scale investment in the intelligent operation of face recognition and temperature detection terminal products. At the same time, the goal of transforming and upgrading the big data platform operation is stepped forward in an orderly manner, integrating the existing resources of typical high-end customers and loyal customers around the world, establishing a customer hierarchical system, realizing the sharing of resources from all parties, enhancing the core competitiveness of the company, and ultimately mutual benefit and win-win results .

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