The latest scanning code school bus charging system supports personalized customization

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Update time : 2018-11-16 10:33:00

The year 2018 was the reshuffle of public transport tolling solutions, but the school bus toll collection system was also upgraded and improved. In addition, the university’s buses, training institutions, school buses, and kindergartens and school buses have undergone drastic changes in fees and charges. In addition, the Shenzhen Cardlan company has also increased research and development efforts in the school bus toll collection system, and has also successfully launched the latest function of school bus card machine system, which is highly favored by target customers.

 Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and has been focusing on smart terminal products such as bus charging machines, school bus card machines, canteen charging machines, water control all-in-one machines, highway toll collection machines, etc. All support mobile phone code scan payment, such as: WeChat, Alipay, Bangke Hui APP. In particular, the scanning school bus charging machine can not only pay for the code, but also supports the brushing on the face of the car, get off the brush face function, and at the same time send the child's relevant information to the parent's mobile phone, the manufacturers carefully, the parents rest assured, care for the child is the responsibility of a person or business.

 Cardlan’s intelligent terminal products have broken through the traditional thinking, advancing with the times, complying with the trend and satisfying customers' current personalized needs, so all products of Card Union’s stock products support personalized customization, and you boldly speak out your needs. We fully meet your requirements.

 Scan code school bus card machine is actually also used in various different application scenarios, such as scenic areas, food courts, restaurants, public transportation and other fields, a multi-purpose machine, affordable, welcomed the school bus, training institutions, kindergartens, canteen owners consultation!

 Campus bus billing machine CL-1306 is a fashionable, unique, and public transport card device that is in line with the trend of the new era. It is one of the most popular and potential star machines on the market, and it is equipped with a 32-bit high-speed CPU processor to ensure system operation. The superiority of the system not only preserves the practical functions of the 8-bit machine, but also adds the unique features of the 32-bit machine: convenient functions such as U disk data acquisition, PRS/CDMA wireless communication, U disk plugging and upgrading, and U disk voice modification. More equipped with 320 * 240 LCD screen, display more abundant.





Product Features


Full-grade industrial grade material manufacturing, fully adaptable to the use of special environments on campus buses;

Sealed, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and electromagnetic interference resistant;

Non-contact reading and writing operations, easy to use, simple, strong anti-interference, reading card light display, balance display;

Dedicated stable power supply, and overload protection;

Support a variety of card set amount and real-day voice prompts; such as student cards, senior cards, employee cards;     

The error rate is less than one in 100,000;

Dedicated handheld data collector, can collect 50,000 transaction records in a single time;

The balance in the support card is less than the set amount of automatic voice prompts;

Data storage is stable, data is not lost for 10 years after power failure;

Issuer capacity: 99.99 million copies:

The latest 20 records can be checked to prevent disputes arising from the payment by car;

Driver attendance function for commuting;

System management software is divided into multiple levels of authority management to ensure a highly secure operation.

Support mobile WeChat, Alipay scan code payment

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