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Bus validator: it means the equipment that charges on bus. At present, there are commonly used on-board toll machines using IC cards and vehicle mounted machines using mobile phone cards, and the other two kinds of cards are compatible with vehicle mounted machines. The RFID is a sophisticated technology that combines modern management methods. With the advantages of free contact, no loss, advanced technology, good expansibility of the system, no maintenance and one step of investment, it is a good choice for the public transport unit to improve the management level and realize the electronic control. It is applied to urban public transport, charging for enterprises and institutions, special purpose vehicle fees, special vehicle fees and so on. In order to achieve the purpose of real time control, resource saving and scientific management, it can improve the efficiency of work, optimize the quality of service, accelerate the return of funds, increase the economic returns, consolidate the relationship between employees, improve the external influence and reduce the pressure of the government.


Cardlan technology is an intelligent terminal manufacturer specializing in Bus validator R & D, production and sales for 20 years. It has high popularity in the industry. Today, the competition is extremely fierce in the intelligent travel industry. Today, it still occupies a large market share. The main products of the joint stock market are: vehicle toll machine, scavenging bus card machine, scavenging canteen Toll machine, freeway scavenging machine, scavenging water control machine and other intelligent terminal products, the performance parameters of high temperature resistance and cold resistance are very prominent, all through strict testing, customers all over the world, only in China's bus customers are up to 800.


The characteristics of Bus validator:


Convenience: payment by credit card, simple operation. The system uses the latest contactless IC card, mobile card, fast reading and writing, convenient and no direction (only 0.1s completes the process of reading and writing), fully embody the identity of the user.

Security: digital technology, key algorithm, authorized release. The system adopts radio frequency technology and authorized encryption, and is highly security. The unified management of IC card issuing and authorization is carried out by the management center.

Reliability: passive RF induction, using RSA crossover algorithm and three way mutual inductance communication mode, stable and reliable operation. Strong interference immunity allows multi card operation at the same time, and can be used in all kinds of bad working conditions. It is more convenient for business management personnel than magnetic cards and contact IC cards.

Practicality: the system can automatically count all kinds of information and generate reports automatically. It provides friendly, user friendly Chinese Windows user interface, convenient, practical, simple and powerful.

Flexibility: the system can be used both standalone and networked, and can be configured flexibly according to investment planning.

Payment methods: WeChat, Alipay, APP, bank card, IC card. 


Function of Bus validator:


1. Speed up passenger boarding, reduce vehicle stopping time, and accelerate vehicle turnover to reduce vehicle traffic.

2. Reduce the loss of public transport enterprises.

3. Different identities enjoy different preferences. It is of great significance for promoting management and strengthening economic reform.

4. Timely grasp the passenger flow situation, scientifically and rationally dispatch and create benefits.

5. Iit can save the cost of unmanned ticketing staff.

6. can advance the ticket money and increase the turnover fund of the enterprise.

7. Effectively stopped the circulation of counterfeit money.

8. improving public transport and other services is in line with the goal of building an international city.

9. Fully automated management of fees and statistics, effectively blocking loopholes, and preventing possible corruption and counterfeiting of management personnel.

10. contactless IC card and mobile phone card are beautiful, easy to carry, easy to break, and can be kept for a long time. A huge space for sustainable development.

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