QR code bus card reader, bus scan code payment

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Guided by the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the people of the whole country persist in self-reliance and hard work, and with the rock-solid confidence, the enthusiasm of the day and the perseverance, the great cause of the unprecedented ancients is pushed forward one step at a time. At present, China is full of vitality and surprises in all walks of life. The city's smart bus industry is no exception. The innovation and upgrade of the QR code bus card machine and the diversified bus scanning code payment technology have been affirmed by users.


Since 2015, Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. has begun to transit the scanning code bus card reader from the bus IC card reader. From the appearance of the bus card machine, the concise and generous connotation, that is, the appearance is tough, and Internal organs. Of course, good-looking is worthless. What's more important is that the current Cardlan company's bus credit card products have fully supported WeChat, Alipay, cloud flash payment, APP, small program and other scanning code payment methods, and basically can achieve 1 second sweep Code payment. So in 2018 Cardlan company comprehensively installed and upgraded system for new and old customers, won the market share, won the smile of customer satisfaction.



In recent years, Shenzhen Cardlan technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R&D, production and sales of bus credit card machines, and has accumulated rich experience. It has won the title of high-tech for many years, and expanded the research and development of intelligent toll terminals such as canteens, scenic spots, highways and water controls. It also fully supports the scanning method of two-dimensional code, and has won hundreds of intellectual property rights and patents, laying a solid foundation and confidence for Cardlan company to firmly grasp the market share of the market.


Shenzhen Cardlan smart terminal has already entered the international market. In 2019, it will continue to focus on bus-charged intelligent terminals, driven by customer demand and technological innovation to development, compliance operations and strict adherence to National laws and regulations, adhere to the cooperation with the whole industry chain ecological partners to achieve win-win, benefit sharing, improve internal strength, focus on improving the quality of operations, activate the organization, make it full of vitality, organize and employees must work hard, focus on work; steady operation,move forward in the direction of “simplify the process and streamline the organization”, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of front-line employees and make them obtain reasonable returns.



We firmly believe that Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. QR code bus card machine and other bus scanning code payment products can maintain industry leadership, for the rapid development of bus charging solutions industry.

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