Multi-function commuter car payment system

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Update time : 2019-11-15 15:04:00

"Drop" a loud sound of card tapping, Cardlan Technology on-board multi-functional bus validator began to operate on corporate commuter cars. At present, Cardlan Technology information has been customized for a number of large enterprises, with rich experience. Employees of these enterprises can enjoy safe, preferential, convenient and comfortable travel experience by swiping cards and sweeping yards.


Due to the rapid development of urban construction, the distance between employee's residence and unit extends continuously, the demand for employee commuter buses is increasing day by day, and the number of commuter buses in the company is also increasing, but the situation of bus passengers is in a state of no management. In order to solve the above problems, Cardlan Technology information customized enterprise commuter vehicle management system is favored by many large enterprises.


The use of multi-functional commuter car payment system, intelligent management, can easily solve the convenience of employees commuting to and from work. For the company, it can reduce the management resources and expenditure. For employees, using cards as vouchers can improve vehicle operation efficiency and save time. Implementing the employee's vehicle identification function can effectively avoid the situation of non-employee driving and reduce the driver's burden.


"A system platform, a data channel, a clearing organization", the vehicle multi-function commuter sweeping code card machine follows the Internet characteristics of "big data, zero distance, convenient operation, and all living beings", and integrates "Internet +" into the commuter vehicle management and payment mode. The charge system of swiping card and sweeping code can unify database management. All kinds of information can be accurately, clearly and accurately stored. There will be no low-level errors in manual operation. It can be consulted, calculated and counted at any time.


The "one-to-one" employee management of enterprises can accurately lock in the passengers, and can carry out "one-to-one" transmission of information. Mandatory reading of company regulations has become an urgent matter, with strong timeliness and 100% reading rate. The on-board multi-functional commuter car scanner management system has the advantages of low cost, high speed, high accuracy and strong interaction.

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