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The era of urban smart bus payment terminal upgrading is coming. This is a great opportunity for smart terminal manufacturers or intermediate agents. Recently, the search index of the keywords “bus card reader agent”“QR code bus validator direct sales manufacturer”“QR card reader provider” is increasing. . It is also indicate that the demand for this market is on the rise. Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. is the pioneer brand of the city smart electronic fast payment smart terminal. From the perspective of total consulting or trading volume in 2018, the bus payment solution industry will usher in a peak period.


In fact, every young person basically has an entrepreneurial dream in his heart, the boss dreams, but not everyone is suitable for starting a business. Entrepreneurship has its own conditions, and it also requires external conditions. Recently, search keywords“bus card reader agent”“QR code bus validator direct sales manufacturer”For those of us who have been engaged in the Internet for many years, we can also judge that this is a part of an individual or company that wants to be a bus card reader agent. To find a manufacturer to dock and get a preferential price, but the real life is not so simple, such as Shenzhen Cardlan,  The demand for the intermediary agent of the bus card reader is extremely high. First of all, there are strict requirements on the amount of funds, integrity, and project resources. This is also why Cardlan brand has been able to establish a good brand for many years. While Cardlan will also encourage the middlemen to vigorously expand the market share of bus payment solutions.


Shenzhen Cardlan is also a direct sales manufacturer of reliable R&D, production and sales of bus card reader agents. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and was established in 2006. It has been focusing on the development and production of bus card reader for many years, and its customers are all over the world. It has won hundreds of intellectual property rights and patents, and is highly sensitive to market demand. Every time an opportunity comes, the company's products can meet the needs of customers and enter the new market at the best time.


The team of Cardlan has been developing in a two-wheeled orientation of customer demand and technological innovation. At the same time, Cardlan is a young, dreamy, energetic and executive team. It has always regarded talent as the first resource and innovation as the first motivation, the company that develops into the top priority, firmly believes that in 2019, the team will create more brilliant achievements, and provide you with more reliable bus card reader agent service or direct bus card reader factory direct sales service.


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