Advantages of bus scan code payment card machine

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Update time : 2019-11-22 14:58:00

With the continuous innovation and discovery of mobile payment, Shenzhen Cardlan Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in research and development of the bus scan code payment card machine has been promoted and used in major cities. The problem of continuous innovation and improvement has been combined with the use of scanning code payment for mobile payment. It solved the problem that the bus IC card needed to be recharged in the past, and the balance was insufficient. The payment of the branch quickly occupied the public transportation payment mode and quickly gained recognition.


Combining the advantages of the current card-based car scan code payment card machine, we have made the following summary:


From the perspective of the passengers

1. The passengers can learn the frequency of the bus and the arrival time through the convenient and convenient bus APP channel.

2. The traditional bus IC card needs to be recharged to the recharge point, and must be brought in to the car. It is not convenient to recharge and use. It is also impossible to self-check the recharge record and the car consumption record. The recharger must let the operator inquire. The scan code payment credit card machine can directly perform air recharge and query the consumption data and balance in real time.

3. Scan code recharge does not need to be queued.


From the perspective of bus company managers

1. The shortcomings of high manual labor costs and inaccurate data are not improved, and the accurate number of passengers cannot be counted.

2. The phenomenon that the efficiency is difficult to improve, the manual operation is large, and the efficiency is low.

3. Eliminate the phenomenon of not being able to accurately and accurately count business data in real time.

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