Is therer any unique of Beijing and Shanghai high-end bus card validator manufacturers?

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Update time : 2018-11-16 10:17:00

Today in 360 search casually searched for a key word "bus card validator", there are many such as: Beijing bus card mobile card validator, GPRS bus card validator, campus bus card validator, bus how to use mobile phone do payment and so on. What we can see is the mobile payment era. The application of mobile payment will be everywhere.

Ma Yun, speaking at the United Nations a few days ago, said that the technological revolution will last 50 years and that the next 30 years will be a change in application, changing all aspects of human beings and changing the lives of everyone.

We look at the whole country, which cities in our mobile payment is more prominent? Everyone must say that the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, that is (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen), Beijing and Shanghai high-end bus card machine card manufacturers relative to Shenzhen is not unique? I think no one, other areas in the country's science and technology, Shenzhen in many ways are more advanced, especially in the Internet field, the Internet is the most obvious mobile payment.

Now the buses in Shenzhen support mobile payment. The young people in Shenzhen have no cash when they go out. If you take any more cash, you will out of time.

Shenzhen Cardlan is a high-end intelligent terminal manufacturer. At present, all products support WeChat, Alipay and APP scan code payment, especially the bus scan code card machine, canteen scan code charging machine, highway scan code payment system, water control scan code payment system and other high-end intelligent products.

So if you need to buy a bus card validator, do not have a regional distinction, the key is to see which brand you buy, big brand does not necessarily suit you, small brand is not necessarily bad, this is the time to test your wisdom.

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