Factory QR code bus fare collection machine

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Update time : 2018-11-16 10:16:00

In the past few decades, bus fare has been charging by coin or manual ticketing. At that time, passengers had to prepare the change before getting on the bus or the ticket sellers has to change the note, which affected the efficiency of the bus operation and waste passenger’s time, in order to improve the efficiency of mass transit, Shenzhen Cardlan became a pioneer by virtue of courage and persistence, growing from the initial immature to maturity.

In order to let passengers experience the convenience and fast way of payment on bus, Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously carried out innovative design in combination with the needs of the times, and independently developed the bus IC card payment machine, IC card self-service recharging terminal, bus QR code platform and bus QR code scanning terminal. A series of accessory products such as toll terminals, the newly launched QR code on-board machine last year not only supports QR code payment, but also supports citizen cards, financial IC cards, mobile phone NFC cards, the Ministry of Communications Intercommunication Card and the Ministry of Housing and Construction Ministry Interconnection Card. Public transport bus provides a variety of payment methods, which promotes the development of “full payment” in the transportation sector.


QR code bus ticketing machine function:

Identify, deduct, and query IC cards.

Support (WeChat, Alipay, independent APP) QR code payment function

Support UnionPay Quick pass payment function

On-board bus ticketing machine can choose GPRS, CDMA, 3G, 4G, full Netcom, WIFI, Bluetooth communication module

The on-board machine can realize automatic voice announcement by selecting the GPS and TTS voice modules. Voice advertisements or voice announcements can also be sent remotely.

In addition to meeting all the functions, requirements, and performance requirements of the flat fare system, you can also design a zonal fare application as needed. There are two types of zonal fare applications: one is to realize the zonal fare through GPS, and the pricing deduction is automatically completed. This method needs to be tap card when get on and get off the bus. The other is the way to manually change the fare by the driver and the staff through the keyboard.

Second, the application area:

The products are suitable for different fields such as city bus, bus, park scenic spot ticket system and chain store membership system.

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