Intelligent bus manage system, bus card-pay system company

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The intelligent bus management system uses the most advanced GPS/Beidou positioning technology and 3G/4G communication technology, combined with the operating characteristics of public transportation vehicles, constructs a bus intelligent dispatching system, plans and dispatches lines and vehicles, and intelligent bus management system promptly feeds back to each  dispatching platform of the fleet, the intelligent dispatching platform automatically calculates the departure interval based on the feedback information and formulates an operation plan.


The new management system replaces the traditional handwritten road list and relies on the experience scheduling mode, through the real-time monitoring of the intelligent dispatching system, flexible shifting modes such as large station express train can be adopted to shorten the waiting time of passengers and achieve precise management of vehicle operation.


With the prevalence of scan code payment, cash transactions are becoming less and less adopted by the public. As the most common mode of transportation for daily travel, the demand for mobile payment is increasing. The bus company upgrades the traditional credit card or manual charge to the mobile phone scan. Code payment gradually realize the new era of ice city smart bus at home waiting for the car, scan code ride, intelligent dispatch, and convenient travel.


Shenzhen Cardlan Tech Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to the independent innovation of R&D investment. It has nearly 20 years of profound technical accumulation and product experience in the field of bus card machine system. The company's main products are: bus credit card machine, bus QR code car charging system, QR code bus credit card machine, WeChat bus POS machine.

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