Bus card machine, all-purpose card system provider ranking

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The word "all-purpose card" is believed to be no stranger to many people. There are bus fare cards system, campus cards system, corporate cards system etc., but there is no accurate sorting of the card system manufacturers. Every one card system manufacturer has its own merits, especially the bus  card system industry, who is the overlord, is still unclear for now.


 Bus card machine

Shenzhen Cardlan Tech Co., Ltd. has been focus on the bus card system for nearly 20 years. Cardlan bus card machine and system can be seen everywhere in the country and around the world. Bus card machine system of the Cardlan brand has played a great role in the transformation and upgrading of the bus toll industry in recent years. Five years ago, Cardlan Tech had already targeted the current scanning code ride, so when the time of maturity came, the bus code scanning machine was highly recognized by customers and seized the targeting market share set at the beginning.


As a city smart bus electronic fast-paying intelligent terminal brand, Shenzhen Cardlan has been highly recognized by many authoritative organizations after the launch of the latest bus card machine, and has been awarded the Smart Terminal Innovation Award. In a city that full of innovation, like Shenzhen, Companies that don't have innovative genes can't even survive, let alone stand out.


In the past few years, Cardlan Tech has invested more than 15% in product research and innovation. At the same time, it has also been able to make a high-level and far-sighted decision in the company's development direction. It has made correct judgments and grasps in the direction of the company's development. Therefore, breakthroughs have been made in all aspects in these years.


Bus card machine system industry, as for the card system manufacturer rankings, Cardlan Tech has always had a group of young, dreamy and highly executed teams, and at the same time able to capture the market trend and strong, firmly believe that the Cardlan Tech can always lead the rapid development of the bus charging solution industry.

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