infrared sensor intelligent temperature measurement security door

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Update time : 2020-11-11 15:10:00

It has been several years since I bid farewell to the college entrance examination. Some well-known enterprises, companies, institutions, and factories have also start grab young labors, especially in the industrial zone processing plants all over the country. on the one hand, they gather sufficient personnel motivation in production to ensure input and output, and promote the stable and harmonious development of the society and economy. On the other hand, they increase the income of students in primary and secondary schools. Moreover, the recruitment period is strictly in accordance with relevant regulations. It is stipulated that all personnel must pass the face recognition infrared sensor intelligent temperature measurement security door to ensure personnel safety.

Next i will introduce this door-type infrared body temperature detector. At this stage, most companies and enterprises use the CL-CM101 door-frame type thermometer from us. According to the personnel in the infrared sensor intelligent measurement The body temperature is measured with a temperature probe in front of the temperature security inspection door, and then it is displayed on the 7-inch data display on the top of the door. Next to it is the LED alarm. Once the temperature of the person is abnormal, the LED will light up and an alarm will sound immediately. The probe can adjust the position by itself to complete the detection. The use of this face recognition infrared sensor door frame thermometer is especially suitable for this kind of places with a lot of people. The detection speed is as fast as more than 40 people per minute. It improves the work efficiency of corporate recruiters and reduces operating costs. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone. In addition, this face recognition temperature measurement security door uses an embedded Linux operating system and has a 16GB storage capacity, so you don’t need to Worried about insufficient memory and other issues, because we are the manufacturer’s direct door-to-door installation, we provide relevant technical consultation and a one-year warranty period to new and old customers. Look for the infrared thermometer of Cardlan shares, which is safe, efficient and super High cost performance, the preferred brand for scientific epidemic prevention by millions of customers worldwide. If you have any needs or questions in this product, Please feel free to contact us.

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