Face recognition bus card payment management system

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Update time : 2021-06-18 09:41:00

This two days from July 7th to 8th this year are important days for the national college entrance examination. Since yesterday, every college entrance examination student has been hardworking studying for twelve years, and a life-changing battle has been officially started; at the same time , Cardlan Co., Ltd., led by the core technology research and development department that was the first to participate in the face recognition and temperature measurement smart payment terminal, also organized a company-wide mobilization lecture mainly around the "bus swiping and charging management system".

The following i will summarizes the main features of our bus face recognition card charging management system for everyone. First, as far as the bus card charging management system is concerned, it is through special card production, passenger card issuance, data collection, and recharge. It consists of seven subsystems including recharging point management, data management, financial management, and operation management, and finally integrates IC card, UnionPay card, QR code scanning and charging methods, which can reduce operating costs, increase advertising revenue, improve commuting efficiency, and data statistics. Many advantages such as liquidation, consumption details and records.

        Someone may find that the i has introduced to you in the first few articles that since our establishment in 2006, our team has been growing in the industry and has become a company with more than 20 years of experience. The backbone technology research and development team includes the research and development technology that has participated in China’s first non-contact IC card radio frequency CPU card project consisting of IC chips and induction antennas. It is a professional face recognition temperature measurement intelligent terminal, bus A high-tech enterprise with smart terminal and cloud platform system solutions such as face-swiping temperature measurement tolling machine, IC card bus tolling machine.

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