Face Recognition intercommunication and AI digital support service adopt the highest level of driverless technology

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Shenzhen Metro Line 12 was opened
On November 28, Shenzhen Metro Line 12, contracted by PowerChina, was put into initial operation. So far, the scale of Shenzhen's urban rail transit network has reached 16, with a total mileage of 530 km, entering the "500 km era".

Metro Line 12 starts from Zuobaotai East Station in the south and ends at Haihaitianyuan East Station in the north. With a total length of 40.54km and 33 stations, it is the line with the largest number of stations, the largest number of ancillary works and the largest number of transfer stations (including long-term planning) in the fourth phase of Shenzhen Metro, and is known as one of the most difficult lines in the history of Shenzhen Metro construction. This line has created the first sea crossing tunnel of Shenzhen Metro, and at the same time, it uses "black technology", adds Face recognition intercommunication and AI digital employee customer service, and adopts the highest level of driverless technology. During the ride, passengers can fully enjoy the tunnel light and shadow, and can also know the expected arrival time through the station display screen. The humanization degree is comparable to that of high-speed rail.

Shenzhen is a leading position and an important window for China's reform and opening up. It is understood that since 2012, POWERCHINA has actively carried out multi-level and all-round exchanges and cooperation with Shenzhen. It has successively contracted to build multiple subway lines such as Shenzhen Metro Line 7 and Line 12, and intercity railways such as Shenzhen Huizhou Railway and Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen Railway. It has expanded its cooperation fields to ecological environment governance, green energy development and construction, and has become a participant and striver in serving the high-quality development of Shenzhen with the practice of POWERCHINA.

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