Chinese elements shine at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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Author : Reyna Ren
Update time : 2022-11-29 15:18:33
Chinese elements shine at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
---What We did for the World Cup

Recently, "Chinese elements" can be seen everything in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. A popular phrase among Chinese netizens is "Whole China went to the World Cup except the soccer team, even a panda"


With the opening of the 22nd World Cup in Qatar, Made-in-China  elements can be seen everywhere during the World Cup.


It is reported that 70 percent of the merchandise around the World Cup, including flags, whistles, jerseys and scarves, comes from Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, a major exporter of small goods in China. In the area of sponsors, the "Chinese element" is also particularly prominent.


In addition, four Chinese companies, including Wanda and Mengniu, spent $1.395 billion on World Cup sponsorship, more than the $1.1 billion spent by American companies.


Not only peripheral products and sponsors, there are various ways for Chinese elements to participate in the World Cup. The construction machinery, transportation equipment, infrastructure and other aspects of Qatar World Cup can also be found made in China, along with the green, low-carbon and other concepts of the current manufacturing in China.


China Business News learned from Yutong Bus Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Yutong Bus", 600066.SH) that Yutong bus has provided about 1,500 service vehicles for this year's World Cup, including more than 800 electric buses. "This is the first time for new energy buses to serve the World Cup as the main force, and it is also the first time for a large number of Chinese new energy buses to be introduced in a major international sports event." Yutong bus said.


The smart ticket validator of Shenzhen Cardlan is installed on Yutong bus to provide paperless ticketing service for the event. Passengers can get on the bus by stapping their fan card or scanning code, which is efficient and convenient, providing technical support for intelligent travel during the event.


Shenzhen Cardlan has been deeply involved in the smart bus payment industry for nearly two decades, with rich experience in smart bus card reader, ticket validator, onboard scanner etc. hardware and e-ticketing software, providing high-quality hardware terminals and smart bus payment solutions for global customers.

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