Enterprise bus card reader system

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Update time : 2020-11-06 10:00:00
 Like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, pear blossoms.

In the north of China, many provinces have already been snowing. Many corporate company are more concerned about employees' go to work traffic. They are equipped with corporate buses to get to work, and employees start their work attendance as soon as they get on the bus. Of course, with the arrival of the era of smart terminals, many parks and parking lots are also equipped with card access equipment for motor vehicles. This is a sign of a new era.


Company shuttle bus card reader system is mainly used as time and attendance equipment. If it is a scenic area, it is used as fare collection system. At present, these card swiping system equipment can basically be used for time and attendance by swiping, scanning, and swiping. Same principle and function.


Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on smart city toll solutions. The main products are face recognition bus fare collection system, face-to-face  attendance machines, shuttle bus card reader equipment, motor vehicle access card swipe machines and other products. Four times recognized as a "National High-tech Enterprise", it is also a double-soft enterprise, and one of the first companies to pass the standards of the Ministry of Communications, Union Pay PBOC 3.0 and the Ministry of Housing and Construction. Not only that, the company also passed Explosion-proof certification, ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, CE certification, waterproof and dustproof testing, FCC testing, ESD testing, EMV testing, etc., the company has obtained more than 100 patents and intellectual property rights. With high-quality products and services, the company has also won " "China Top 500 Quality", "China Top 100 Sci-Tech Innovative SMEs", "China Famous Brand" and many other awards, successfully landed on the New Third Board in September 2017.


Shenzhen Cardlan Co., Ltd. not only has a terminal for bus card swipe system for enterprise buses, but also with a very powerful user management cloud platform system as a support. This is a fully automated intelligent system based on the use of big data technology and cloud computing. Enterprise bus operators and other card application fields create urban electronic fast payment terminals and cloud service platforms, which provide integrated card management and service integrated management platforms for government and enterprise markets. Enterprise management efficiency, to realize the security, intelligence and information of enterprise management.

We come together to witness the arrival of this beautiful era, and we believe that there will be more and more smart card-bus systems for shuttle buses, card-entry devices for motor vehicles, and the birth of automated fare collection system for buses, adding more happiness to society!
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