City bus fare collection hardware and software solution provider company

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Update time : 2020-08-18 10:02:00
Shenzhen Cardlan provide professional city bus fare collection hardware and software solution, As an information display platform for the entire organization, it penetrates various application modules and provides rich display elements to form unified messages and data, so that the company has a unified data management platform.
Shenzhen Cardlan is a leading domestic smart city bus toll software and hardware solution provider, specializing in providing public transportation toll IoT solutions, smart transportation credit card charging solutions, smart bus qr code scanning and charging solutions, complete functions, and widely used, Has many success projects at home and abroad. 

This article will introduce the QR code scan solution and the price of the bus validator.

Public transportation is the main way for Chinese residents to travel. Due to the large population in our country, buses are often overcrowded, ticket sellers have a heavy workload, and the working environment is tough. manual collection, financial management and supervision of ticket sellers are difficult. With the emergence of mobile qr code scanning payment, traditional IC card payment has gradually been eliminated by the public. The QR code payment system developed by Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Company uses advanced Internet technology and efficient network systems to provide security for code scanning payment for buses. Reliable, convenient and efficient payment methods and complete solutions.

A whole complete bus fare collection system including hardware and software, The system mainly consists of vehicle-mounted systems, infrared data acquisition systems, and cloud based back-end management system The hardware is mainly composed of computers, bus card reader terminal, etc., and the specific price varies according to different models and functions.

Shenzhen Cardlan offer safety, reliable, high quality and easy to expand bus fare collection solution to all of our customers. Help you to realize optimal information management result to meet different demands of customer due to rapid growing business, support customized and secondary development.
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