Customer demands for 2019 bus card reader

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Update time : 2019-11-07 14:52:00

No matter which industry you are trade in 2019, you must carry out a series of actions around a word "change".No exception of the city's smart terminal industry . Recent years, mobile scan code payment has penetrated into every area of life, such as public transportation, school bus, and business bus. In the near future, the face payment will surely follow the scan code payment to penetrate every region of our life.

Intelligent terminal manufacturer cardlan technology, never hesitate in product technology innovation and infrastructure construction spending , we always take user experience as the starting point, and do our work with user-centered.



Below we combine our own experience to analyze customer characteristics in 2019, for reference only


Bus customers:


The national bus customer scanning code upgrade has come to an end, customer demand characteristics are as follows:


1,. They have already found a bus credit card machine manufacturer for cooperation, but not satisfied. There are still several lines, and need to find other manufacturers to cooperate.

2,  The project has won the bid, some people in the company in order to achieve their own interests, and strive to part of the other bus credit card machine manufacturers to complete.

3, some projects charge  in a special way, has not found a suitable bus credit card machine manufacturers for cooperation. (eg: the way just to wave your hand at any time to get on the bus)

4. some public transport projects have high individual requirements, and have not found a suitable manufacturer for cooperation.

5.Some projects have begun to require face recognition. According to the current speed of "Internet +" development, face recognition will soon come. In the next step, most bus companies hope to complete on the basis of the original


School bus customers:

School bus customer demand characteristics:

1. Clients hope to connect to the campus back-end management system or APP and also interact with parents



Corporate bus customers:

Corporate bus scan code attendance is a big cake. It is also the peak period for the upgrade of the scan code.

Enterprise bus customer demand characteristics:


1. Enterprises with strong software technologies only need hardware.

2, From nothing to all.

3, Need a bus card. Shuttle bus, canteen, attendance integration.

4, Most of them upgrade to scan code.

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