Car QR code and card reader in Internet Era

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Update time : 2019-11-08 14:51:00

    In the age of mobile Internet ,the most important innovation is mobile payment.We can say that our life became more convenient with mobile payment.The aim of Bus QR code scanning payment system is to provide more convenient, efficient and safe public transportation services for the masses, so that more people can experience the convenience brought by the mobile Internet era to daily life such as public transportation.

    The official launch of mobile payment also marks the official entry of 'Internet +' era for public traffic. In the future, with the help of mobile payment big data,we can improve the service efficiency and boost smart transportation construction.

With WeChat and Alipay’s scanning code payment functions, the general public can realize scanning code payment by only one mobile phone. This avoids the trouble of not having any change or forgetting to bring a bus card. Since then, people have taken a bus and have a convenient payment channel.
    Shenzhen Cardlan Technology sincerely hope to implement people's livelihood. Adhering to the principle of continuously deepening service for the people, we will promote the intelligent development of China's public transportation, optimize bus operation lines, and make real-time mobile payment, providing citizens with safer, more convenient, faster, energy-saving and environmentally friendly travel services. Adding new payment methods for citizens to contribute to the construction of “smart bus” in Chinese society
    Our company independently R&D a variety of scanning code bus credit card machines, adopts the mode of “ take on first,then pay”  in the riding process, and effectively helps passengers solve the problem of forgetting the bus card or no change, providing various convenient choice transportation and payment solution for citizens.

Shenzhen Cardlan’s self-developed and produced card-swapping machine contains 4G communication chip, which adopts real-time networking mode to satisfy passengers' use of App, WeChat, Alipay and other Internet payment methods to pay fares. It also contains a series of mobile payment functions such as UnionPay QR code, UnionPay IC card flash payment, WeChat scan code.No need to re-coin and achieves a new convenient bus traveling method as“no change, no card, fast travel”.

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