Cardlan technology shows public transport intelligent terminal and cloud platform solutions on BUS EXPO 2017

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Update time : 2017-11-25 10:52:00

In August, the laurel flowers opened everywhere in China.

BUS EXPO 2017, on August 9, 2017 -11 days was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Shenzhen Cardlan Technology as a smart city electronic fast pay terminal and cloud platform solutions leader invited to participate. Cardlan launched a support scan code fast payment has become the star of the show, by bus exhibitors and visitors are enthusiastic attention and caused great repercussions in the experience, public transportation and industry, marking the Cardlan in "the Internet plus electronic fast pay terminal" has been in the forefront of the industry.


Cardlan exhibition design style unique, creative, deep meaning, experience the product pattern like real life, the appearance of domestic exhibitors in a continuous line, especially on the card stock model CL1306 Cardlan (with scan code), high interest, full support for WeChat Alipay, online banking, BKHi APP benefits payment, 1 second can complete the payment, especially with the Cardlan cloud platform big data screen, can be observed in every area of the passenger card case, each of the domestic exhibition shock appearance, reminiscent of the big screen Taobao "double eleven" data, a lot of visitors who personally open the mobile phone experience, or download card stock called "bang Ke Hui" APP experience, and even many car manufacturers on the spot signed a letter of intent.

Card stock exhibitors responsible person Melvin is the exhibition of motivation accepted the newspaper interview. Melvin talks about the purpose of the exhibition is to promote the model CL1306 with Cardlan QR code function, the bus card machine is to conform to the rapid development of the Internet era, the national response to the call of "Internet plus". At present this Cardlan supports WeChat, Alipay, bank card, IC card, BKH APP payment, is rare in the industry to complete a Cardlan scan code to pay in one second, 2017 China international Internet Expo awards strict selection, this product won the "China talent shows itself. Intelligent terminal product innovation award", in this exposition also won the "Bus parts Innovation Award", there is another special highlight of this product, is a combination of card stock cloud Platform big data, real-time observation of the situation of passengers swiping card in every area, so that the passenger company can get the first-line data more quickly and conveniently, the efficiency is more efficient, and the operation cost is reduced greatly, which will be the most ideal charge collector for all passenger companies. In the future, Cardlan will continue to work hard to make a contribution to the "no cash" form of urban public transportation.

Finally, Melvin also said that Cardlan can keep ahead in the industry, the company keep up with the market development of innovative thinking, good internal corporate culture, improve the management system, are inseparable and attach great importance to the service. At the same time Cardlan team is a young, passionate, responsible and dream, strong execution team. Cardlan is fully confident of its ability to continue to walk in the front, industry solutions in intelligent transportation, leading the industry's progress.

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