Bus segment fees unreasonable prices people chanting

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With the improvement of public transport services, bus travel more and more popular, the degree of dependence for public buses is also growing, their attention is getting higher and higher, the bus fee pricing is one of them. Recently, some friends on the bus Shunde section across the city, across the town line charges into question.

Why the West to three continents prices?

"331 buses, a few years ago and takes about 5 yuan, while in the West the last three continents has only $ 2. Now Pay down, the whole need only $ 4, but the West has risen to three continents 3 yuan." For 331 problem bus segment fee, a netizen in the forum pointed out that under the tariff price of the entire line background, line charges far apart the two sites has improved, people puzzled.

Why the West is 3 yuan to three continents? District Development Plan and the Bureau has given this explanation, which represents 331 bus routes are cross Towns (region) line, the fare should be executed for each pricing section fares. From West to three continents Martyrs Cemetery neighborhood station after a total of four sites, the entire 6.3 km, full fare is 3 yuan / person. Times. Devise ways depending on the line charge across town, Shunde district, across from the Towns of bus stops at stations between 5-10 kilometers, according to 3 yuan / person of the fee, 20% discount card, belonging to three continents RC London, West Kau martyrs cemetery belongs and is 6.3 km away from the station, so charging 3 yuan / person. times.

Bus stations do not charge a fee not lower prices?

"Before the bridge should be charged purple, full income $ 4, I think is reasonable, but now is not the abolition of fees purple bridge it? Why is the appropriate charge or 4 yuan?" For the Buddha 314 bus fee pricing, a bit after friends in Shunde Government Network Forum questioned, as it considers the toll station on the bus routes which eliminates the road toll, reducing the cost of the line is running, the corresponding bus pricing should also make adjustments considered appropriate price reasonable, rather than maintain the original price.

For the friends of doubt, the district development planning and Bureau of Statistics said, inter-city bus lines operating cost structure relative to the city bus, increasing the road toll, car park fees, cleaning fees, management fees and Kongshi generated as a result of the extension line after relief maintenance and other expenses, the proportion is only a small part of the road toll (road toll paid by way of the use of annual ticket), abolish road toll for the entire bus lines operating costs have little effect, therefore, the Buddha has 314 bus routes including the allocation of costs not developed the way the road toll charges alone.

In addition, the district development planning and Statistics also said that the next district bus fares will be adjusted according to the situation implemented, so that the corresponding bus lines more reasonable fares according to mileage and cross Towns (regional) fees, public transportation resources as much as possible to achieve social and economic benefits of balance, enhance the protection of public transit services. Pricing and how these fees are currently segmented bus bus card machine is fully capable of achieving these functions.

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