Cardlan join the fifth green development investment and trade expo

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Update time : 2018-11-01 09:45:00

On December 3, 2018, the 5th World Green Development Investment and Trade Expo was successfully closed. During the exhibition period, Cardlan Technology were fully harvested, especially the new model of the CL-A818 advertising code scanning bus validator. The conference became a smart terminal star product.

The 5th World Green Development Investment and Trade Expo (referred to as WGDITE) was hosted by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province. The theme of this year's WGDITE Conference was “opening up, green rising, and entering a new era of high-quality leap-forward development”. Focusing on representative enterprises in the green industry, we will invite a number of well-known domestic and foreign companies to lead the world in green development, low-carbon ecology, energy conservation and environmental protection, and participate in the exhibition, which will help to showcase the latest achievements in green development and to bring tradition and classics. Advantageous industries are bigger and stronger. Through the forum discussion, exhibition display, investment cooperation, trade promotion and other activities, the exhibition will promote the green industry investment development, green product trade integration, green resources collaborative sharing, green civilization exchange and mutual understanding, and innovation capability open cooperation with the open concept. According to the understanding of the 5th World Green Development Investment and Trade Expo, the gains of all parties exceeded expectations.

As a representative enterprise of urban smart bus charging solutions, Shenzhen Cardlan Technology has been widely concerned by exhibitors, customers and the media during the exhibition days, especially the new products promoted by the company at the exhibition--CL-A818 advertising code scanning bus fare collection machine has been paid far more attention than the peer products and other products of Cardlan. This product has outstanding design and powerful functions. It has strong data cloud platform system support, which greatly reduces the bus company. The cost of operation, all aspects of the analysis and report are automatically generated, and the data security aspect has also been verified by the customer at the site. This is a good product that reassures customers. Many customers signed the contract with the company.

Cardlan Technology is a high-tech enterprise. It successfully landed in the New Third Board in 2017 and is headquartered in the reform and opening window city of Shenzhen. The first day of the establishment of the company, not only the Shenzhen government department has high requirements for corporate environmental protection, the card team The eyes have already locked in the international market, and constantly pursue innovation in product technology, and continue to delve into green technology, which has won high recognition and appreciation from international customers. Therefore, it is also expected that the company will be invited to participate in this green technology event. During the exhibition period, there will be collisions of development wisdom, integration of green technologies, and deepening of cooperation and exchange. The company will continue to improve its experience and continue to improve itself. The products are worth looking forward to, the next WGDITE, we witnessed together! !

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