Cardlan became NEEQ listed companie and 2017 commendation Conference

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Update time : 2017-11-30 10:45:00

On 27th, January 2018, Cardlan Technology held celebration of NEEQ listed companie and 2017 commendation Conference. All the staff have a joyous gathering, singing, dancing, talking and laughing, celebrate the new year, enjoy the show personality style!


Cardlan chairman made the speech, on 2017 made a comprehensive review and summary of the 2018 comprehensive prospect of deployment, mentioned in his speech, in 2017 the external macro environment is very difficult circumstances, card stock all the family together, not afraid of difficulties and forge ahead, ideals and beliefs with a dare, striding towards the new many times, people are busy with work card I did not forget to improve themselves and become the backbone of the elite company can work independently, show their style in business and frontier fields of research and development, in the fierce competition in the market to create impressive performance.

Then, Cardlan once a year management staff solemn oath. Card all managers will be removed at the end of the year, re posts, each post management facing all employees open and fair competition this year, taking the oath of office management appeared many young faces new positions as the company, out of some complacent, lazy, the annual performance does not meet the management personnel, card stock team has maintained a passionate vitality.

The company carried out the public recognition of the outstanding employees that emerged during the 2017. Including the advanced card stock awards for the year 2017: the team of the year award, outstanding performance standards administrator award, outstanding star award, outstanding Newcomer Award, the annual awards, the annual progress award, annual award, million project performance ranking award, annual innovation awards, best award, best paid three new board diligence Award new training, customer service Service Award, the annual Star Award, the annual smile ambassador, and the scene of the certificates, trophies, bonus. This is also the effective embodiment of the development tenet of "co creation, sharing, sharing and win-win".



Cardlan employees have to show their talent, beauty, versatile, fun, funny one after another. In order to show great vitality, the cheerful singing show "friends" opening, then cool and warm singing melody lyrics show "angel wings", a soft, light Chinese wind song "new Drunken Beauty", has deep connotation constantly hilarious, the comic "ideal" when the police, a dynamic, light and graceful dance show "love" exquisite alliance, beautiful, gentle and beautiful R&B Musical Singing show "love" is very simple, with a family of three to bring a beautiful dance, pleasing dance "Rainbow", "agreed to let love live in my home everyday" and other exciting programs, at the end of the party the chorus, "one family happiness" deeply attached to each other.


During the party, it was also interspersed with the staff's birthday party and the lottery. The new year's dinner begins after the end of literary performance and advanced commendation, and everyone begins to drink and release. Finally, in the picture of everyone's picture, the whole year will go down smoothly.


In the bright stage, the graceful dance, hilarious comedy, everyone laughs, from the next. The card will be high spirited attitude, do not forget the early heart, remember our mission, temper forward, create more brilliant 2018!

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