Bus Validator Settled In Zhejiang Cangnan City Bus Project Has Been Trial Operated

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Update time : 2017-11-10 10:47:00

In Cangnan County government priority given to the priority of public transport and the strong support of various departments,Cangnan bus company and smart city electronic payment terminal and cloud platform solution company Cardlan to establish long-term relationship,Cardlan provide product development customization, installation, training, upgrades, maintenance of train services。September 1, 2017,Cangnan HT bus company in the K101 Road, 19 bus opened a mobile payment vehicle test run,this upgrade of mobile payment will be convenient in the end,on the basis of the original public transportation IC card and public card payment,added a wide range of mobile payment method,then Cangnan city bus can use WeChat, Alipay to pay for the ride in the future 。

Various Payment Methods For You Option

I, WeChat payment

Open the WeChat and click "I"——Wallet——Receive/Payment——Payment to the merchant,at this point the phone will display the payment QR code,QR code alignment machine scanning code payment area,hear the prompt sound,then the payment will be successful。

IIPay with Ali-Pay

Passengers using Alipay for the first time, please open the car code function。open Alipay APP,click to pay,the payment QR code appears on the screen,align the QR code with the machine's scanning code payment area,hear the tone,then the payment will be successful。

IIIAPP Payment

Download Cardlan APP "BKH" to pay,BKHs function is very powerful,there are QR code scanning functionpay on behalf of the function,transaction details check function,account recharge function,travel inquiry function,and  my card management functions and so on,payment fast and convenient。


The current trial run only K101 Road, 19 bus,total of 12 vehicles have a new POS installed,Cangnan ambitious to be tested after the bus company will fully realize the mobile payment ride.At the same time compatible with the original bus card and public card payment,achieved one machine full payment。Later, Cangnan citizens and foreign tourists take the bus,no need to coin, just use cell phone, citizen card or bus card to ride,completely solve the the trouble that people have always been busily prepared to exchange coinsThe mobile payment upgrade,not only convenient for the general public car payment,let everyone experience the new lifestyle brought by the mobile Internet era。

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