Campus face temperature measurement machine intelligent temperature measurement all in one machine

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Update time : 2022-11-11 09:57:38

Face recognition is a new scientific technology emerging in recent years under the big wave of artificial intelligence. It mainly analyzes and compares facial information for identification, and has the characteristics of naturalness, non-mandatory and non-contact. At the same time, because face recognition utilizes the unique characteristics of the face, it is not easy to be copied, the recognition rate is high, and the recognition speed is fast.

The temperature of the object is determined by converting the radiant energy of the infrared rays emitted by the object to be measured into an electrical signal. Compared with mercury thermometers that require a few minutes of measurement time, this application not only improves efficiency but also ensures accuracy, but also eliminates the risk of infection through non-contact temperature measurement. Infrared thermometer is used to quickly and accurately measure the temperature. It is suitable for schools and other place to quickly check a large number of people and set the temperature limit. Alarm when the temperature is exceeded. When face recognition technology is applied to smart campuses, what are the functions and advantages?

Strengthen management of pick-up personnel
Face recognition access control is installed on campus, using a more intuitive face-swipe verification method, supplementing the original ID card, campus card and other identity authentication methods, effectively verifying the identity of the pick-up personnel and ensuring the safety of student personnel. Especially for kindergartens, you can choose a combination of special kindergarten speed gates and face recognition access control all-in-one machines to combine and match, which can protect the personal safety of children to a greater extent.
Dynamic deployment warning
Through the traditional camera to dynamically collect the face information of the personnel inside the campus, and compare it with the algorithm calculation in the background, when it is detected that the face exists in the campus blacklist library, trigger an early warning.
Dormitory access management

Through the face recognition technology and the data management background of brushing face information, standardize the management of entrance and exit of student dormitory personnel, and solve the situation of no-night stay or non-student overnight stay.

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