Bus wireless consumer machine

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Update time : 2022-11-12 10:14:43
Shenzhen Kalian Co., Ltd. bus wireless consumer machine supports a variety of charging modes such as billing, counting, timing, etc., not only for bus car charging, but also for multiple scenarios. The bus wireless consumer machine chooses Shenzhen Kalian shares, all bus toll collection systems are independent research and development, professional manufacturers, tens of thousands of customers around the world to verify. Support off-line consumption, wireless communication, voice broadcast and so on.

Still looking for a wireless consumer machine? Looking for Shenzhen Card Alliance is enough, color screen display, voice reading, support TCP / IP, WIFI and other communication methods! The wifi wireless networking mode has changed the traditional wired networking mode, eliminating the complicated troubles of the traditional charging system wiring and reducing the installation cost. Factory direct sales, more favorable, more worry! Hotline: 15897745020.

The card-connected bus wireless consumer machine consists of a display screen, a scanning code area and a card swipe area. The main functions are wireless communication, GPS positioning, IC card reading, electronic payment, balance inquiry, etc. Support wireless communication transmission: computer module can be connected through communication module Management software, such as proofreading time, downloading blacklists, collecting data, etc.; intelligent communication terminal with wireless communication module can realize real-time data uploading, and intelligent communication terminal without wireless communication module can be connected via USB flash drive or USB Upload transaction history. Dimensions 270x169x72mm (Note: 72mm does not include rear bracket size), 8-inch TFT-LCD display, 1280*800; acquisition mode supports 2G, 3G, 4G wireless acquisition and USB connection acquisition (optional), WIFI and Bluetooth.
The company is committed to smart city interoperability, with independent and complete software and hardware products, the main products are bus credit card machine, bus consumer machine, bus car machine, bus card, bus IC card, bus card system, etc., facing increasingly fierce In the market competition environment, the company will take the strategic vision ahead, full of entrepreneurial passion, go forward, meet the challenge and seize the opportunity.
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