Bus credit card scanning equipment Face recognition bus toll system

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Update time : 2020-11-12 10:15:00

Recently, a phenomenon has been discovered. Many people's habits of searching on the Internet have changed from “traffic card scanning machine scanning device” to “face recognition bus charging system”, and it is also possible to vaguely see the arrival of face recognition bus charging era.

We has been in the field of bus charging solutions for several years. has witnessed the change of the payment method of bus fare from “scan code” to “face recognition”. In this case, it only takes two or three years, the bus card machine scan code The only change from the device to the face recognition bus toll system is to add a face recognition function, and other functions are retained, such as: IC card swipe, WeChat scan code, Alipay scan code, UnionPay cloud flash payment and so on.

People in the industry know that the first two or three years have been from the IC card credit card to the direction of the public transport code payment transformation, so far, from the bus terminal market share, the first reshuffle has been completed, Tencent and Ali The intervention of the big Internet and the bank quickly divided the cake.

As a bus credit card scanning equipment manufacturer, the company has been fully researching and developing the scanning code bus charging card machine since 2015. By 2017, there will be a complete set of bus scanning code charging system, so it can quickly carry out comprehensive layout and launch the scanning code bus card machine. The system is highly appreciated and affirmed by bus company customers.
In addition to being simple and generous in the terminal, the card is powerful and the service is in place. The user big data cloud platform system has become a highlight in the bus charging solution. The bus operation one-stop user data management cloud platform is the card. Smart City Card Application Management Solution launched by Lianhe: Based on the application of big data technology and cloud computing, it will create urban electronic fast payment terminal and cloud service platform for urban bus operators and other card applications, mainly for the government and enterprise market. The comprehensive management platform of centralized management and service will improve the management efficiency of enterprises and realize the security, intelligence and informationization of enterprise management with low-cost investment and high-efficiency operation mode.

It is firmly believed that the habit of searching for many netizens on the Internet from "scanning card scanner scanning device" to "face recognition bus charging system" is also the product development direction of the company.
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