Bus on-board consumption machine with face recognition , Bus POS machine with QR code scanning and swiping smart card.

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Update time : 2022-11-16 14:02:31

In the time of people each other connection, Around people service first solve   to identify the identity of the person, shenzhen cardlan company conform to the trend of the time, they make full use of facial recognition technology to develop bus on-board consumption machine with this funcation ,cardlan company emphasize big data of face  sharing and opening, and build portrait library, face monitoring system.Bus on-board consumption machine with face recognition is widely used for intelligent bus management and enterprise bus management, providing intelligent face service for the whole society.
" Brushing face time" is striding towards us, shenzhen cardlan company  is working on to improve the brushing face technology in the field of bus fares.At present, cardlan company is doing in the bus fare management industry,that is the goal of many bus companies, at last to realize information connecting to each other everything.all things of the world to enter a stage of intelligent all things, cardlan company will go on the internet of all things under the general trend, to provide  the core of intelligence for more partners and more enterprises.


Shenzhen cardlan company produced face recognition bus pos terminal, including this device shell, face recognition camera, face recognition machine, data transmission terminal,we will strictly abide by the principles of openness, to ensure that the system has good flexibility, compatibility and portability, and at the same time providing standard system reserved interface to make the system has good scalability.

Bus ticketing from the original manual collecting fee to IC card swipng code and qr code scanning, now it upgraded to face recognition collection system, which means that the cardlan must walk at the forefront of technology, the market is not yet widely used before the need to product research and development production, which means that this is a high quality development.

As a terminal enterprise focusing on urban smart bus, in the past 20 years, Cardlan has always adhered to technological innovation and customer demand as the dual drive development orientation, focusing on strategy, open cooperation, compliance management, and continuous improvement ourself, and strive to create more high-quality bus fare machine secondary development, bus credit card machine customization, bus IC card machine port open, bus POS machine, bus scan code charging terminal, self-service recharge machine, QR code on-board bus machine and other products to provide customers with more quality services.

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