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Update time : 2020-11-26 10:21:00

In recent years, with the prevalence of code-scanning in China, the bus card reader has increased the code-scanning payment function from the previous card-swipe function, and the demand for domestic bus code-scanners has become increasingly large. Manufacturers are springing up like mushrooms. For consumers, there are more choices and more aspects to be considered. Select bus code scanner manufacturers carefully, and customers only select genuine manufacturers with real qualifications and independent research and development capabilities.

 Bus code scanners are mainly used in bus, shuttle, subway, ferry and other riding environments. These scenes are characterized by "large crowds, tight time and fast pace." There are certain requirements for performance.

First of all, the code scanning speed must be fast. In the field of public transportation, the verification speed must be fast, otherwise it is difficult to solve the problem of excessive human flow, otherwise the practical significance of technological change is lost.
Secondly, the it must be functional, not only to meet the traditional card swipe function, but also to be able to expand the function. The bus code scanner independently developed by Shenzhen Cardlan Co., Ltd. can be highly integrated to meet the development needs of various functions. At the same time, in terms of technology integration, the design of Cardlan's toll collection products conforms to the mainstream of the market.   

Morever, the data needs to be accurate. Shenzhen Cardlan's bus card swiping machine scans QR codes in 0.2 seconds. The scan code is accurate and fast, and can query passenger flow data at various time periods and stations. It can accurately query individual passenger flow data. It can lock the usage records of individual users and accurately record daily Passenger flow and transaction amount in each time period and total time period; detailed records of passenger flow in a specific time period provide a complete set of big data sources for passenger flow statistics for bus companies.

Cardlan Bus validator is a self-developed and applied to urban bus toll terminal equipment. As the source manufacturer, Cardlan has always met the needs of customers as its premise and provided the market with perfect products as its goal. The device supports the current mainstream payment methods such as credit card payment, Alipay WeChat payment, UnionPay, and bus company self-issued codes. Adopting Linux system, the operation performance is stable, the power consumption is low, and the response speed is within 0.2 seconds, which is very fast.

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