What is intelligent bus scheduling system?

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What is intelligent bus scheduling system?

Intelligent bus scheduling system is a bus scheduling management platform based on big data and AI artificial intelligence technology. It monitors the running status of public transport vehicles in real time, uses intelligent scheduling algorithm to schedule public transport vehicles in real time, optimizes the routes and stops of public transport vehicles, thereby improving the efficiency of public transport operations, service quality and traffic safety, and reducing the operating costs of public transport.

Specifically, intelligent bus scheduling system can dispatch buses in real time through intelligent scheduling algorithms, making the routes of buses more reasonable, reducing vehicle congestion and delays, and improving bus operation efficiency. The system can also monitor the operating status of buses in real time, and provide accurate arrival prediction and other services to improve the quality of bus service and reduce passenger waiting time. At the same time, by optimizing the routes and stops of public transport vehicles, the empty mileage and waiting time of vehicles are reduced, and the operating cost of public transport is reduced. Most importantly, the system can monitor information such as the route and speed of public transport vehicles, detect traffic violations in time, and improve traffic safety.


In addition, the smart bus scheduling system can also be integrated with other systems such as passenger service system, maintenance management system, and security monitoring system to form a comprehensive smart bus scheduling management system to achieve more efficient and intelligent bus operation and management.

What are the main components of intelligent bus dispatching system:

1. Bus vehicles: The dispatching object of the smart bus dispatching system, including vehicle location, passenger number, road condition information and other data, can be collected and transmitted by on-board equipment.

2. Bus dispatching center: the core of the intelligent bus dispatching system, responsible for receiving and processing the data from the bus vehicles, and carrying out vehicle scheduling and route planning according to the data analysis results.

3. Communication network: information transmission channel of intelligent bus dispatching system, realizing data transmission and information sharing between bus vehicles and dispatching center.

4, large screen display system: In the dispatch center, the large screen display system can display the operating status of the bus in real time, the number of passengers and other information to help the dispatcher better grasp the bus operation.

5, electronic stop board: electronic stop board can display real-time bus arrival time, line direction and other information, to provide passengers with more convenient travel services.

6. Vehicle mobile station: Vehicle mobile station is an important part of vehicle equipment, which can collect and transmit various information of public transport vehicles in real time, including vehicle status, road condition information, passenger demand and so on.

7, information acquisition system: information acquisition system can collect a variety of information related to bus operation, such as passenger card data, camera monitoring screen, etc., to provide basic data for data analysis.

8. Data analysis and processing system: The system can process and analyze the collected data, such as statistics and analysis of passenger flow, and provide decision support for bus route planning and scheduling.

9, database management system: intelligent bus scheduling system needs to store and manage a large amount of data, including vehicle information, passenger information, operational data, etc. Database management system is an important means to achieve data storage and management.

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