What are the functions of the smart school bus system?

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What are the functions of the smart school bus system?


Cardlan smart school bus booking management system ensure the safety of school bus travel


The smart school bus market is currently in a stage of rapid development. Whether it is kindergarten or primary school, junior high school and colleges, parents are increasingly concerned about the safety of their children's travel, and traditional school buses have many problems in safety, punctuality and service quality, which can not meet the needs of parents and students. Therefore, the smart school bus market came into being and has gradually been favored by the market.


Smart school bus system use information methord to achieve the whole process of school bus operation supervision, including vehicle positioning, driving trajectory, safety conditions, students on and off the bus information, so as to improve the safety and operational efficiency of school buses. At the same time, the smart school bus system can also provide more accurate services for schools and parents through data analysis and other ways to meet the needs of different users.


Cardlan school bus booking management system is divided into front-end system and central network two platforms. The front-end vehicle intelligent device collects video, accurate positioning, active security system alarm, face recognition daily check-in or swipe card data information, uses 4G/5G Internet to transmit data to the smart school bus management platform and application side, platform business analysis, storage, complete the safety risk management of school bus operation, travel protection and escort.

Cardlan school bus system has the following functions:

1, vehicle registration management: school bus, school bus ownership/team, students, care personnel, drivers and other basic information management.

2, passenger ride records and statistics: can record students and care staff on board, off, to school, leaving school and other real-time ride information, and statistics of ride logs and details.

3, operation management: monitor and remind school bus speeding, overcrowding, lane change and other violations, but also for the school bus operation may occur in the process of emergency warning, first aid, accident exclusion and other services.

4. Real-time positioning: Parents can check whether their children get on or get off at any time, and the real-time positioning information of the school bus can be viewed on the mobile phone, which is convenient for parents to arrange the time of picking up and dropping off students.

5, parents participate in supervision: wechat automatically pushes the information of students on and off the bus to parents, so that parents can timely understand their children's ride information, more peace of mind.

6, students swipe card attendance: students get on and off the bus swipe card, swipe card information is transmitted to the supervision platform to form a student attendance sheet.

7, emergency handling: through the emergency alarm button to notify the background management, the background can initiate a remote call, timely command. With the intelligent school bus management system, the school can view the inside and outside of the vehicle at any time, and fully understand the safety of the students in the car.


In general, the smart school bus system has a full range of monitoring and early warning functions, which can effectively improve the safety and operational efficiency of the school bus, but also convenient for parents and students, so that they can be more comfortable and convenient to use school bus services.

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