Vehicle automatic fare collection system

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Update time : 2021-07-16 15:15:00

A kind of vehicle is called shuttle bus, a short-distance transportation tool. The term "shuttle bus" originated from the airport, and was a transportation tool to connect the terminal building to the long distance Plane. The airport has a large number of planes but few stand. To build a stand requires large expence. Theref ore, most of the planes stay at the far stand and need to transport passengers by shuttle bus. Later, the term was extended to urban short-distance transportation connections and industrial production equipment. According to different usages, it is mainly divided into: airport shuttle bus, city shuttle bus, tunnel shuttle bus (industrial production), DBD shuttle bus (industrial production), etc. The current automatic vehicle fare system that controls such vehicles is called the city shuttle bus fare collection system.


The current urban shuttle bus fare collection system is mainly realize by tapping IC cards, scanning QR codes, and read  faces for payment. It should be mainly used in scenic spots, parks, golf clubs, airports, etc.

        As a brand enterprise in the city smart electronic fast payment terminal industry, Cardlan’s main products are bus scan code and face-swiping payment systems, infrared thermal imaging thermometers, portal thermometers, canteen facial recognition fare collection machine, and campus facial recognition gates, school bus fare collection machines, shuttle bus fare collection machines, etc., have successively obtained hundreds of intellectual property rights and cooperated with more than 600 bus companies, company has won intelligent terminal innovation awards issued by many authoritative organizations. Cardlan has been recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise" for four times and also been awarded as AI infrared temperature measurement intelligent terminal engineering technology research center by Guangdong Science and Technology Department. It is also a dual-soft enterprise, and it has passed the industry’s Ministry of Communications standard, UnionPay PBOC3.0 standard and the first batch of the companies that passed the standards of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

        We firmly believe that Cardlan will continue to innovate in technology, analyze customer needs, increase investment in research and development, and create more world-competitive urban shuttle bus fare collection systems.

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