The advantage of Linux OS bus validator

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Update time : 2022-11-12 10:41:15

In the era of rapid economic development, the market demand for bus fare collector is also changing rapidly. Users are increasingly demanding product performance, reliability, stability, and security. Previous old products, such as 8-bit Monolithic bus fare collection machine technology and 32-bit UCOS system technology have been unable to meet the increasing number of functional applications.

The Linux embedded system is a new generation of computer technology, communication technology, semiconductor technology, microelectronic technology, voice image data transmission technology and other advanced technologies combined with specific application objects. Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. independently develops and produces the linux system bus scan code charging system with high reliability, small size and low power consumption; it can be used in industries, communications, home appliances and other fields.

Linux system bus scan code charging machine with strong compatibility and stability can support a variety of hardware platform embedded device hardware platform diversity, CPU chip fast update, embedded operating system requirements support commonly used embedded CPU, such as X86 ARM, MIPS, OWERPC, etc., can also support a wide variety of external devices; Linux supports almost all of the above mainstream chips, and is still being transplanted to new chips.

Linux uses a unified framework to manage the hardware and has good portability. Changes from one hardware platform to another are independent of the upper application. For example: Now users use Linux's swipe terminal machine. After several years, due to market changes, functional requirements require higher-end hardware configuration to meet more functions or higher computing speed, existing applications can be used. The function is directly transplanted to the new high-configuration hardware platform for docking. The system hardware and software can be smoothly over-extended, and the card-holder user "uses it unconsciously" to use a new terminal machine.

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