Telecommunications IT And Consumer Electronics Show

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2017 25th Indonesia International Telecommunications IT and Consumer Electronics Show INDOCOMTECH grand opening in the Jakarta Convention Center。To help enterprises develop the "Belt and Road" along the market,organized by the Shenzhen Economic Information Committee and Shenzhen SME Development Association contractors,smart city electronic payment terminal and cloud platform solutions industry leader-----Shenzhen Cardlan and more than 40 outstanding enterprises in other industries were invited to attend this show,Cardlan QR code bus fare collection machines and cloud platform system at the show have gets much attention and favor from overseas customers。


 Shenzhen Cardlan is a smart city electronic payment terminal and cloud platform solution provider,the company's core business set "hardware + software + big data cloud platform" as a whole,development of intelligent terminals, handheld POS machines, IC card charging machines, water control machines, which are widely used in bus, subway, taxi, restaurants, tourist attractions, parking, markets and other fields。Currently Cardlan products and technologies have won the trust and praise of over 30 countries and more than 6,000 customers at home and abroad,which won more than 100 patents and intellectual property,also has won the "China Quality 500", "China Science and Technology Innovation SMEs 100", "China Famous Brand" and many other awards。

         In light of China's increasingly prominent position as a leader in the internationalization of the world economy,exhibitors from China naturally become the focus of the show。Cardlan as a well-known enterprises in the field of electronic fast payment terminal,alongside international learning and communication with executives and business leaders in the world of electronic fast paychecks,also demonstrated the strength of Chinese enterprises

The first day of the show,Cardlan booth viewers in an endless stream,known as China's "new big four inventions," one of the mobile payment,also in the model CL-1306 QR code bus charging machine to show the most vividly,this product fully supports WeChat, Alipay, online banking, BKHAPP payment,1 second to complete the payment,greatly increased the interest of overseas customers,customers who came to exhibit have come up with mobile phone experience the QR code scanning,which was shocked by the scanning response speed and sighed with China's powerful technology。


Cardlan show responsible person Wilson said,glad to have such a chance to exhibit,first of all, I thank the government for our smart city electronic fast payment terminal industry attaches great importance and support,current world economic globalization is accelerating,as smart city electronic fast payment terminal well-known enterprises,we need to actively implement an international strategy,optimize resource allocation and expand overseas development space,In the international business to create our own core competitiveness。At the same time we need to "go out",with the international master "compete",can learn from each other,good products will be taken out and take the international advanced technology into China in first timingrelying on China huge market demand, to achieve overtaking。

        Wilson also said,Cardlan will be more emphasis on overseas exchanges and business development in the futurecreate international advanced bus toll brand,as a result, Chinese enterprises will be able to obtain more steady development in the smart city electronic rapid payment terminal industry globalization,more sustainable development。

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