Smart city, quick pass with your face! Cardlan officially launched the smart face payment system solution!!!

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Update time : 2022-12-15 09:42:48

With the development of Internet technology, the traditional all-in-one card has been unable to meet the actual use experience of the personnel in the enterprise bus, school travel and other scenarios, such as forgetting to bring a card, easy to lose, temporary personnel also need to apply for a card, which brings inconvenience to users and operators. It is a general trend to replace traditional cards with face recognition and qr code technology.

The "All in One Card" system, which uses facial features as identity recognition, can provide operators with a new "mobile Internet" multi scenario information service, help enterprises get rid of the drawbacks of traditional all-in-one card management, go directly to the core of operation management, and create a smart all-in-one card solution with advanced concepts and technologies from the inside out.

The smart all in one face communication system includes public transport, consumption, access gates, shuttle buses, dormitories, visitors and other systems, which can be applied to government agencies, transport enterprises, schools, parks, scenic spots, hospitals, food cities, supermarkets, amusement parks and other fields.

Advantages of All In One Face Communication system:

1. The face is unique, and the face recognition technology is used for identity authentication, which is safe and reliable; It is unable to steal or substitute brushes, and supports snapshot tracing.

2. The brush face is non-contact and non inductive identification, without additional media; The face brushing recognition speed is fast, less than 0.5 seconds.

3. It unifies the management of face database, supports bus and other application scenarios, and is fully interoperable.

4. Face recognition accuracy is up to 99%; Support the scale of 50000 faces.

Application scenario:

1. Shuttle bus, shuttle bus for enterprises and institutions, campus, parks, scenic spots and other scenes.

2. Sign in control of entrance and exit scenarios such as access control and channel gate.

3. Visitors can apply for registration by themselves.

4. Control of the entrance and exit of dormitories, units, school dormitories or buildings.

5. Support consumption scenarios such as restaurants, canteens and small shops.

6. Water control, electric control, washing machine control equipment.


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