Quality bus validator supplier: enter intelligent bus validator Era

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The season of spring and summer turns to "meet the new trend of intelligent industry, and promote the new development of intelligence in the age of cohesion". The second world intelligence conference, which opened in Tianjin in May 16th, is sufficient to show that the country attaches great importance to the development of intelligent industry. As the Cardlan of the urban smart electronic fast payment terminal brand, no matter in the field of public transportation or the early layout of the small smart charge, especially in the development of the car carrying card machine system, the market share is on the line. In the industry, they are all far ahead.

Cardlan, a supplier of high quality bus, has successfully landed in the "new three board" in 2017 to increase the investment in the R & D of bus car swipe machine in the next few years, develop steadily to the direction of intelligent bus card machine, conform to the new trend of intelligent industry, and believe that in the next few years, we will make constant efforts and will be in the intelligent bus collar. The area has great potential to assume greater social responsibilities and complete the great mission of the group.

At the Second World Conference on intelligence, the leaders of the national development and Reform Commission also said that making machines more intelligent and maximizing the liberation of human labor has been an inexhaustible driving force to promote global technological progress and industrial innovation. Since the first artificial intelligence was put forward by scientists in 1956, artificial intelligence has been developed for more than 60 years. It has become the most potential, dynamic and imaginative technology industry in the world today.

Cardlan eadquartered in Shenzhen, in recent 20 years, it is committed to R & D, production and sales of intelligent bus toll system. In the country has accounted for a relatively high market share, currently in the global perspective of the layout of the overseas market, Cardlan bus validator for people to travel more convenient. I believe artificial intelligence has taken the wings of Cardlan products.

Cardlan bus validator function sharing:

Bus validator CL-1306 is a fashion, unique, in line with the trend of the new era of bus card equipment, is one of the most popular and potential star machine on the market, with 32 high speed CPU processor to ensure the superiority of the system operation, the system not only retained the real work energy of the 8 bit machine, but also added the unique features of the 32 bit machine. U disk data acquisition, PRS/CDMA wireless communication, U disk plug and upgrade and U disk voice modification and other convenient functions, more equipped with 320x240 LCD screen, showing richer content.

Product function

The whole industrial grade material can be completely adapted to the special environment on the bus.

Sealing, dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and electromagnetic interference prevention;

Non contact read and write operation, easy to use, simple, anti-interference, reading card lighting, balance display;

Special stable power supply and overload voltage protection.

Support multi card set amount and real day voice prompts, such as student card, elderly card, employee card;

The error rate is less than 1/100000.

A dedicated handheld test data collector can collect 50000 transaction records per time.

The support card balance is less than the set amount automatic voice prompt.

Data storage is stable, and the data will not be lost for 10 years after power failure.

Hairpin capacity: 99 million 990 thousand:

The 20 most recent records can be querying to prevent disputes arising from the fare payment.

The function of the driver's commuting to work;

System management software is divided into multi-level and different rights management to ensure highly safe operation.

Applicable scene

Cities, administrative organs, institutions, companies, factories, schools, hospitals, and system solutions used in urban transportation fees, bus charging, campus bus charging and so on.

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