Passenger bus face scanning temperature measurement scan code terminal

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Update time : 2020-11-04 09:54:00

In daily life, all of us are accustomed to using mobile phone scan codes to pay when traveling and shopping. It’s not like going out and worrying about losing or being stolen by thieves. Just bring your mobile phone and open various WeChat QR codes and small programs to pay. In recent years, cashless payment is common. Nowadays, technology has made life more convenient, and at the same time, people’s work efficiency has been improved. In order for us to enjoy more convenient services, Cardlan has developed a model that can be used in public transportation through continuous exploration and practice. The "Bangkehui APP" for the integration of transportation and travel on the mobile client used by the face recognition temperature measurement scanner, so what are the advantages of this APP? Please continue to understand.

First of all, the editor will introduce how to use the Xiabangkehui APP. The first method is to download it in the app or Apple Store and open it, and you will see the stylish interface of "New Life, Bangkehui". Then go to the homepage, log in to your account, and click on the QR code interface to enter the QR code interface. In addition, there is a route query interface next to the homepage, where you can enter you For the destination, or a certain station, which bus, Bangkehui APP can intelligently and quickly optimize the best travel plan according to the commands you enter. Not only can you share the QR code, ask friends and family to scan the temperature on the bus. Instead of paying before the credit card machine, it also covers food, clothing, housing, transportation and other fields, which can be solved by using Bangkehui QR code.

In addition, open WeChat on your mobile phone to find the head of the homepage, search for Bangkehui, you can immediately see the small program of Bangkehui's ride code, at this time, just click to enter and you can jump to the page where the QR code is generated, so get on the bus At that time, you only need to go to the card-linked bus scan code and temperature measurement credit card machine, self-service vehicle temperature measurement and scan code terminal equipment to pay, and it is safer and faster.

As a world-class national high-tech enterprise with face recognition, temperature measurement, card payment, smart terminal and user data management cloud platform, Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. has always worked with the people across the country to jointly promote the development of social civilization and make unremitting efforts to move forward steadily. Create more value for the people. Everyone is welcome to consult and place an order.

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