New Year recommended multi-function bus card swiping machine brand

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Update time : 2019-11-20 14:54:00

Happy song sung to the earth on the eve of the year of the Dog, now in the year of Pig new scene spreading over the ground

The Year of 2018 was overthe Year of 2019 comes with great hope. For the smart bus industry, it will be a year full of opportunities and challenges. As a smart terminal brand of the city smart bus industry, CardLan Tech will continue to seize opportunities and face challenges in 2019, provides a more than perfect vehicle bus card swiping machine for bus companies and corporate buses, provides more convenience for citizens to travel and respond to the government's call for low-carbon travel.

In 2019, Shenzhen CardLan Tech will continue to increase the research and development of bus card swiping machines, introduce more high-end talents, continue to pay attention to customers’ demands and technological product innovation drive-oriented development, seek cooperation in an open and win-win manner, and comply with relevant laws and regulations, enhance products and services with a global perspective.

The current main products of Shenzhen CardLan Tech are code scanning advertising card machine, and also expand to the scenic area card machine, canteen card machine, water control code scanning machine, highway code scanning charging system, etc. After more than decades development of smart terminals in the industry, CardLan Tech has already had a very high reputation and influence.

In recent years, CardLan Tech has won the title of high-tech enterprise for many times, and has won the “China Top 500 Quality”, “China Top 100 SMEs”, “China Famous Brand”, “Product Innovation Award” and “Excellent Enterprise”. "A number of awards, and China Telecom, China Mobile, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Beijing Airport, Shenzhen Tencent, Baidu, Foxconn and other large enterprises have reached a strategic partnership, successfully landed in 2017 The third board, and has launched a plan to land on the GEM in June 2018.

After years of development, CardLan Tech has deeply realized that development is the top priority, innovation is the first driving force, talent is the first resource. In the new year,CardLan Tech will continue to move toward the transformation and upgrading of big data operation platform and promote public transportation. Help develop the charging solution at a high speed.

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