New product launch and gem investment value report meeting of Cardlan

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In midsummer, all things are beautiful

On June 29, 2018, Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., LTD. held the 2018 new product launches and towards the gem report in Henggang Junyi Hotel at Longgang district. Cardlan were united shares all the staff and customers friends travelling together, to witness and share the exciting moment. Everywhere from sign a sign in a gift, and qr code to pay close attention to the public, namely, to scan code to download APP experience prototype, finally enter the meeting feel cloud platform real-time consumption data, user data management has let guest friends feelings ahead of a trip to science and technology.

Conference began at 15:18 on time, Cardlan league represent, the board secretary Ms Luo speaking on atage, giving a warm welcome to our distinguished guests coming from afar, shares of Cardlan leave express our heartfelt thanks to you for clients and friends. Ms Luo shared her memory about Cardlan landing the new three board in September 2017, they are new three board from the start to the witnesses and participants listed on the entire process, from the last time the new three board start every time more than a year, the company again start gem plan here, his proud and proud. For more than ten years, with their card by the wind and rain all the way, thank you very much for the cardlan provides a display stage, and says he will, as always, go all out, always believe that your choice, believe in your team, believe that the future of the market, believe cardlan will also continue to unite, struggle, will maintain or even more than the momentum of development, will create resplendence. People from Cardlan will also open their hearts with 12 points of sincerity, accept high-quality resources around them, develop in unity and achieve win-win cooperation.

Afterwards, the customer representative Mr. Zhou and the shareholder representative Mr. Xiong also made speeches. Thanks for Cardlan continuous support to our company, and express that we will continue to develop together with our company for win-win cooperation.

After the speech, to the conference is very important link, namely by the marketing manager Li commentary, shares the summer launch, first appear in front of everyone is cardlan shares big data cloud platform screen, the screen can be observed in every regional passenger code card data, real-time data real-time beat together as field of music, the development of science and technology and the union are the crystallization of the wisdom of achievement shaking every guest present, this is also one of the highlight of this launch is larger. Later, vice President li introduced three star products at the scene, namely, Cl-A818 advertising scanning bus card reader, Cl-A0618 scanning bus card reader and Cl-H0108 expressway scanning toll collector. These three unique product appearance elegant design, concise and easy, powerful, fully support WeChat, alipay, state guest would like the APP, IC card, bank CARDS, such as diversification of payment, sweep response code to pay 1 seconds, combining cardlan stock based on big data technology and cloud computing cloud user data management platform, greatly reduces the use cost, improve the operation efficiency and safety of operation management, intelligence and informatization. The CL - A818 sweep the biggest bright spot is increased the six-yard box and clear and bright screen advertising, it is greatly improve the user experience and to increase the income of the bus company channel, present customer showed great interest to this, with their mobile phone experience on the spot code function.

Then, the founder and chairman of Cardlan, Mr Zhang Quan published "Chinese wisdom electronic pay terminal industry fast development trend and the gem city investment value" speech pushed the meeting to orgasm, let we each friend to emotion aspect. In-depth China wisdom city electronic pay terminal industry fast development trend, to redefine the wisdom city electronic pay industry fast development model and profit model, and emphasizes the cardlan shares will be constant innovation, the pursuit of perfection, to integrate resources to construct electronic wisdom city fast pay terminal industry ecosystem, and emphasizes the future business model is not how to competition, but how to win, only to customers, employees, shareholders and win-win in line with the market law of development in the future. On the way to the gem, we hope to have in-depth cooperation with all our distinguished friends, seek common development and pursue win-win results.

After the half of the climax meeting, by in the securities market of seasoning for many years the influential Weng Qinxue teacher took office issued the card stock now and the future analysis of speech, teacher Weng accurately analysis and wonderful speech ignited the presence of every guest's zeal, guests based on card united shares of high-tech products, recognition of chairman Richard Zhang Quan good conduct, to teacher Weng's identity, have of card stock in the future is full of expectation.

At the subsequent signing ceremony, guests came to the stage actively. The signing staff were crowded with the entire signing desk. Mr. Zhang Quan, chairman of cardlan, had been busy signing the contract. Due to the large number of signatories, the conference team temporarily sent another 4 staff members. It took a full hour and a half to sign the contract before it finally ended.

In the end, the company prepared a hearty dinner for guests, during dinner the host of Cardlan coupon shares the chairman Mr Zhang Quan  on stage again to thank guests toast was fully trust and support and says it will not let you down, will go all out, to the next level. During the evening party, guests enjoyed the delicious food and watched the wonderful program created and performed by cardlan staff while waiting for the organizer's 6000 yuan prize. The banquet is filled with wine, the program is wonderful, the lucky draw surprise is unceasing, the whole meeting obtains the consummation success, all showed the cardlan united people infinite charm and the ability of the super excellent.

The meeting was successfully held, not only for the cardlan stock looking for more partners and high quality resources, and expand the cardlan stock team, but also greatly enhanced the cardlan comprehensive strength for shares, for the cardlan login gem laid a solid foundation.

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