New listing QR code bus QR code scanning equipment

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Update time : 2019-11-06 10:44:00

Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed and produced the bus QR code scanning equipment officially listed, the new listing CL-A818 not only has high value, full function! The QR code scanning advertising bus intelligent charging terminal CL-A818 has been well received by customers since its launch. The 818 machine, which mainly uses the value and function as a selling point, is a QR code scanning device that is very popular among domestic and foreign customers. So what are the highlights of this new QR code scanning device?

  With the arrival of the new era of consumption, the proportion of mobile payment-led payment groups has continued to expand. Shenzhen Cardlan has gradually moved toward the scanning code from the basic IC card charging requirements. The design of the Cardlan advertising QR scanning bus card machine is exquisite and unique, simple and generous, powerful, support WeChat, Alipay, Bangkehui APP, IC card, bank card and other diversified payment methods, scan code payment within 1 second response, combined with the card based on big data technology and cloud computing The user data management cloud platform greatly reduces the input cost of the company, improves operational efficiency, and realizes the security, intelligence, and informationization of operation management.

Shenzhen Cardlan Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of "Hardware + Software + Internet". The company's address is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Shenzhen can be said to be the largest electronic product market in the country. The leaders of Huawei and Dajiang are located in Shenzhen. The famous Huaqiang North business district has gathered various electronic high-tech products. Under the combination of the economic pulse of the new era,Cardlan is advancing with the times and forging ahead. We are determined to specialize in the development of Internet of Things brands in the Internet, market, and internationalization. With unique product development concepts and diversified Marketing promotion, professional technical support, and perfect after-sales service are committed to the development of smart terminal card smart terminal industry.


Shenzhen Cardlan hardware products mainly include intelligent terminal machines, bus card machines, handheld POS machines, IC card charging machines, embedded card machines, canteen charging machines, water control machines, etc. Used in public transportation, subway, taxi, membership, catering, tourist attractions, parking lots, roadside parking, small-scale chain charges, vegetable market, attendance access control and many other fields. With rich technical accumulation and years of practical experience, the company's products and technologies rank among the top in the industry.

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