New features of the QR scanner bus fare collection machine

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(1) Termianl usage

CL-A818 C fast payment intelligent terminal is mainly used in finance, e-commerce and other fields. The main functions include wireless communication, GPS positioning, IC card reading, electronic payment, and balance inquiry. Mainly used in the following application areas:

l Bus consumption

l tourist attractions / amusement park consumption

l Balance inquiry

l Enterprise bus

l Campus bus

New features of the QR scanner bus fare collection machine



(2) Features


l Support wireless communication transmission: You can connect to the computer's management software through the communication module to perform the operations such as proofreading time, downloading blacklists, and collecting data.

l The communication module adopts modular design, which is convenient for upgrading 5G requirements later.

l Support international and domestic universal 1D code and 2D code standards; realize Alipay, electronic bus card, WeChat, flash payment, QR code scanning, support mobile phone NFC payment, support the Ministry of Communications card, etc.;

l The intelligent communication terminal with wireless communication module can realize real-time data uploading. The intelligent communication terminal without wireless communication module can upload transaction records through U disk or USB connection.

l Support voice prompts of more than 16 segments, the sound is clear and loud, the volume is adjustable, the alarm balance is less than the unit price, and the data is full of alarm prompts;

l With strong electromagnetic compatibility, with reverse connection, overvoltage, overcurrent automatic protection and automatic recovery, the stored credit card records are not damaged. When the power supply fails or is replaced, the onboard computer keeps the card data saved in the machine. Impact, when the power returns to normal, it can automatically return to the original working state. The vehicle-mounted machine has physical shielding measures, software anti-interference processing, and anti-interference measures for the vehicle-mounted power supply.

l Adopt a variety of anti-electromagnetic interference measures, using metal shield backplane

l Supports remote program upgrade, voice upgrade, data collection, parameter configuration, and remote delivery.

l The installation method of the vehicle-mounted machine is flexible and convenient, and supports the installation method of the crossbar and the rod.

l There are many support cards, and special cards such as ordinary IC cards, senior cards, and student cards are supported.

l The cloud platform provides a variety of pre-use methods, which can be operated by using various mobile terminals such as APP and WeChat applet.

l The cloud platform management architecture is available in C/S and B/S formats and can be used alone or in combination.

l Querying the consumption details: You can query the detailed records of consumption based on the card number, time, operator number, etc. on the intelligent communication terminal;

l Statistical consumption data: The consumption records can be counted according to the card number, time, operator number and other conditions.

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