More Areas in China added QR CODE Scanner to pay for bus

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Recently, the Beijing Municipal Communications Card Company launched the One-Card Electronic Card Service, and citizens can experience the use of QR codes to travel in the six suburbs of Tongzhou and Changping. Citizens who want to experience the code scan ride service need to download a one-card APP and open a free virtual card online. Unlike the “Mobile Card” produced by the One Card Company, the virtual card of the One-Card App can be used on any smartphone. It is understood that this service will be promoted in more lines in the future, but urban buses do not have a timetable for scanning codes.

Last year, in response to the trend of mobile payments, the Beijing Municipal Traffic launched a number of "mobile phone rides" to enhance the convenience of the public's travel experience. As of now, the number of users who choose to use their mobile phones to pay on bus and subways has reached more than 1.6 million. The transaction volume exceeded 600,000 times. The method of swiping mobile phones has become the first choice for more and more people to travel easily.

Which cities have already begun to expand the use of two-dimensional codes for buses? I has collected some of the information.

NFC+ QR Code  Shanghai traffic card comprehensive layout mobile payment


It was learned from the Shanghai Public Transport Card Co., Ltd. and the Jiading District Information Office that Shanghai public transport will enter the era of sweeping code payment from this year onwards. As the city’s first batch of open access routes, the 71st medium capacity branch (1250, 1251) has been for pilot applications, citizens need to download or update the Shanghai Traffic Card App to activate the QR code to pay for travel.

It is not afraid to forget to bring a bus card in Shenzhen.

“I'm too anxious to go out with the bus card, the bus card hasn't forgotten to recharge my money? There is no change in my hand?” I believe most people who often take the bus have encountered the above problems more or less. Now these are not problems, because Shenzhen Public Transport has been officially connected to WeChat payment, taking a bus in Shenzhen, you can directly scan the code when get on the bus. “Currently in Shenzhen, all buses have already supported WeChat payment and will no longer suffer from long queues, cash changes, etc.” The driver told reporters that he would enjoy using the “Shenzhen Tong QR Code” to enjoy communication with Shenzhen bus card equivalent discounts.


Guizhou Province Supports the Use of QR Codes for Public Transport


According to information released by the Guiyang Public Transport Group, Guiyang bus code payment has been fully activated. In the future, Guiyang citizens can easily use a mobile phone to pay. At present, the bus group intends to comprehensively reconstruct the public transport vehicles for all installed POS machines in Guiyang public transport. On the basis of supporting public transport to issue all IC cards, it supports mobile phone cloud card NFC and bus cloud card scan code payment. Eliminating the trouble of taking a card, recharging at the service center, or preparing some exchange notes.

Zunyi Public Transport Group will fully activate the bus phone card business from February 1st, citizens no need to prepare a change of cash, nor do they need to bring a bus IC card. Use the QR code on the mobile phone to scan the on-board scan code collection machine to complete the scan, then finish the ticket to pay on bus.


Zhuhai Bus Officially Enters the Mobile QR Code Era to pay


Zhuhai residents formally entered the new era of bus transit. On December 29th, 2017, the reporter learned from the "Tencent Vehicle Code, Alipay Vehicle Code, Zhuhai Tongda Card APP Signing and Launching Ceremony" held by Zhuhai Public Transport Group and Zhuhai Public Traffic Dhaka Operation Co., Ltd., and from now on, Zhuhai City 6 bus lines, 16 bus lines, and K11 bus lines are the first to open QR code bus scan codes. Citizens can use the WeChat APP (“Tencent Car Code”) and Alipay APP (“Alipay Car Code”), QR code can be scanned on bus to pay.

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