Mobile payment spread quickly, bus QR code scanning machine

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Update time : 2019-11-15 14:42:00

Mobile bus code scanning is very convenient for everyone, no need to carry change or use a magnetic card, solve the problem of bus payment. Compared with the old card swiping machine, the new card swiping machine has added a scan code function area in addition to the card swiping area and display area. It is a public mobile payment system that integrates IC card, WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay.


The research and development team of Shenzhen CardLan Tech believe that the payment method of urban public transportation is in a period of change. As a part of providing urban public services, facing the tens of millions of citizens, the company needs to retain the traditional card swiping when designing the new bus card machine in order to facilitating the elderly and students, it is also necessary to constantly carry out technical changes and facilitate the public. The new R&D scanning code payment card machine supports the mobile phone scanning code payment function. Passengers can easily pay by scanning the bus code through various mainstream mobile payment methods, and can also swipe the IC card.


Just open the bus code when you are taking bus, and align the bus code with the scanning code area of the bus card machine, and prompt the “please get on the bus” sound, then the card is deducted successfully; if you want to scan code for your peers, just click the refresh button and wait till the QR code is refreshed, you can scan the code and ride. After the code scanning is completed, you can check the order amount, travel time, order number and other information in the travel record.

CardLan Tech independently develop and produce bus card machines that contain 4G communication chip, use real-time networking mode, to meet passengers’ need of using App, WeChat, Alipay and other Internet payment methods to pay fares. Including a series of mobile payment functions such as UnionPay QR code, UnionPay IC card quick pass, WeChat code scanning, no need to coin, achieved a new convenient bus travel “No changes, no card, quick travel”.

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