Membership card solution

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Membership card solution

IC card membership card charge system is a widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, members, entertainment and other places of IC card charge management software. Cardlan membership management system solution includes member management system and the card management system, which can be used to pay the consumption amount through the IC card, and quickly complete the daily sales and other work. Combined with efficient and accurate query and statistical analysis, so that managers can easily manage accounts, clearly understand the sales of goods and cash register. The member management system and membership card management system serve the membership card and membership software applications of various enterprises, and provide diversified member marketing services.


First, the advantages of solutions

Cardlan membership management system can not only achieve management and transactions, but also accurately classifmembers according to the classification of different members to carry out targeted marketing and care, really improve member loyalty, create value for the enterprise. The system has the following characteristics:

1, record user information in detail, establish their own customer database

2. Carry out personalized marketing according to customers with different consumption characteristics to cultivate a large number of brand loyalists

3. Strengthen the interaction between enterprises and members, and care for customers all the time.

4, to meet the diversified consumer needs of more customers.

5, the first-hand information of the consumer market is controlled at any time.

6. When the amount of the member's trading card is insufficient, it can be made up by cash or other membership cards through the stored value card system.

7, membership card consumption can set password protection, to protect the security of members and membership card funds.

8. Membership card management system supports membership card cancellation, loss reporting, freezing, unfreezing, card replacement, card replacement and other operations.

9. Daily settlement of member consumption data, member management system can display member consumption report by day/month/year/or limited period.

10, membership card system support staff card, you can count sales performance.

Second. System functions and topology

1, the overall system has terminal management, member management, consumption project management, consumption management, member website query, SMS platform and other functions.

2, detailed records of members of various personalized information, such as interests, wedding anniversaries, etc. (according to your needs free development);

3, member points discount, bond customers at the same time to improve customer stickiness, effectively prevent customer loss. (To achieve chain store management, members can get points for cross-store consumption; After the member points, the gift exchange, can quickly receive the points SMS notification, so that member consumers understand.)

4, members can log in to the website to query points, remaining stored value and consumption records, but also directly online gift exchange, reservation service, members online bank recharge real-time account, and even use the store's stored value card online purchase goods. Completely improve the service quality of members.

5, according to their own company's situation, flexible allocation of authority. One card easy software has more than 100 operation rights (such as: register members/delete members/members upgrade/increase stored value/stored value deduction fee, etc.) for you to allocate to any number.

6, the boss can not only log in to the system to view the business situation of each point, but also through the system mobile phone SMS flexible insertion of "the number of new members on the day", "the day's total sales", "the day's recharge amount", "the day's card sale amount" and other data set a sending time point, the system will automatically send the data to the boss's mobile phone every day; Improve the work efficiency.

7, SMS platform every year, holidays, etc., you can send SMS blessings to members or employees through the platform. Or when there are recent promotional activities, you can also inform members through SMS mass, increase the care of members, improve brand image and member repeat rate.

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