Interview with CARDLAN in the "Innovation Vision" column: Insight into the challenges faced by high-tech enterprises when resuming work

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Update time : 2020-11-03 09:56:00

On April 8, 2020, Shenzhen Broadcasting Group's "Creative Vision" column of Zhongchuang TV Channel conducted an exclusive interview with CARDLAN on the new challenges faced by various industries to restore the economy after resumption of work.


The background of this interview is that as a brand enterprise of urban smart electronic payment terminals, CARDLAN has nearly 20 years experience in the bus fare collection terminal and big data cloud platform system solutions industry. It has participated in the first domestic contactless IC The R & D and construction of the card project has witnessed the development and innovation of the IC card towards scanning and face scanning. It has been recognized as a "national high-tech enterprise" for many times in succession, and it has successfully landed on the New Third Board. In the current global epidemic situation is still severe, many countries and regions are still in a state of shutdown and shutdown, the supply chain is interrupted, and the world ’s macroeconomic situation is turbulent. Through the window of intelligent terminal innovation brand enterprises, we can further observe the development of Chinese enterprises. Problems and challenges

The executives of CARDLAM said in an exclusive interview that the impact of the epidemic on the orders of CARDLAN is inevitable, but under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, the domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, and various enterprises have resumed production and supply. The chain has gradually recovered, and orders have been picked up. At the same time, CARDLAN team optimized and upgraded the original products, added the thermal imaging temperature measurement screening function, and transformed into a small assistant for epidemic prevention work, filling the market in a short time.


The executives of CARDLAN also mentioned that in the future, CARDLAN will continue to base itself on improving the society, focus on the implementation of "technological innovation + customer demand" two-wheel drive, grasp the direction of business development, and refine the products. Demonstrate the innovative spirit that high-tech companies should have.

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